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Popular brands of wafer biscuit in India

Wafer biscuits are another bakery product which has gained popularity in recent times . Wafer biscuits are of two types cream filled sandwich type where cream is filled betwwwen to layers of wafer s sheets which are then cut into wafer fingers and then packaed . Second type is coated type normally wafers are coated or enrobed by chocolate layer .

Popular brands for chocolate enrobed wafers biscuit are
Bravo - Bakers Pride - From Al sallan food Industries Co SAOG
Nestle - Munch
Cadbury - Perk

Wafer biscuit cream filled
Various cream varities are available from these brands such as vanilla , orange , hazzlenut ,milk ,banana

Its interesting that wafers are produced in large quantity but are mostly unbranded or localised , what I can collect from shelf were Wafers biscuits brand Tiffany and Nutro which are been sourced from UAE . There is a big potential for bakery manufacturers to enter branded wafer biscuit market in India .

Please suggest brand of wafer biscuit from your area .


  1. Sir,
    This is Jagdish Bherwani from ahmedabad (GUJ).This is first time i have visited your blog and i m glad with your views regarding wafer biscuit industry as you said in your blog that Wafer biscuits has gained popularity in recent times and it is growing in india.
    In our ahmedabad there are lot of local companies growing these days in this industry, but the problem we are facing is of local VAT Taxation as it is 15% which very high compare to another fooditems like namkeen, Confectinary,Pasta and other food items which are in 4% taxation and because of this local industry in wafers has to compromis in there products.
    Sir as i am myself manufacturer of wafer biscuits with Brand 'Kafil' so it was good to read your views on our industry,another brand in our area are Mast,Gourmat,Kisbis,Kiddies,
    Sir it will be my pleasure to share your views and expirence regarding our industry
    (wafer biscuits).This is my Mail ID jkbherwani@yahoo.com It will be pleasure to keep in touch with you.

    Thank you,

    Jagdish Bherwani

  2. Thank you Mr Jagdish for giving insight on wafers biscuit brands and Industry in Gujarat . Yes We can understand the double standards of government on putting wafer biscuit under 15% VAT .Where as similar products enjoys 4% VAT .Hope govt sees th elogic and withdraws additional tax .

    Thanks once again for your comments

    Keep Visiting bakerybazar blog for updates on bakery industry

  3. thank u.. the blog was of gr8 help..!!!
    however, after research on the market in india, i'd felt that the wafer biscuits in india are still largerly categorised in the chocolate section which is where the major branding lacks it place.
    thank u for the information once again.

  4. thank u sir.. theinformation was of gr8 help.
    however, the need of classification of wafer biscuits in india suffers laregly and is thus cateogorised mainly under the chocolate section...
    thus the branding enhances it scope.!!

  5. thank u for the information sir. it was of gr8 help.
    however, it is felt that the cateogerization of wafer biscuiots into chocolates has enhanced its scope for brandings for bicscuits coem with pre-concieved notion..
    the taxation bit remains teh same though..!! \
    umang jain-umang.k.j@gmail.com

  6. Thanks Umang for your comments

    Manufacturers are not putting up units as because of taxes could be one of the reason why we dont see any major wafers brand in India

  7. hi sir I am interested to import whole range of wafers variety to Australia of minimum 20fcl. pls send ur price list to us.
    Zulfiqar Ali shah
    Melbourne Australia

    1. Send me your number we will cont you

  8. Mr Zulfiqar ,

    Thanks for inquiry
    You can send your details to subodh@shumaonline.com and you would get all information on exporters detail

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