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Unibic forays into wafer biscuit segment

While visiting one of the shopping centre near my residence I can find this unibic wafer biscuit pack promoted with one pack free with one. Wafer biscuit market is  in  nascent  stageIndian market have few players in this segment . Britannia ,Dukes,Tiffany,Nutro are few popular brands in Indian  wafer biscuit segment

Unibic  key  products are wire cut  cookies  and are dominant  player  in cookies segment .Unibic India is a  subsidiary of UNIBIC Australia, UNIBIC India Pvt. Ltd., has its factory and infrastructure in Bangalore with state of the art machines from Italy. 

Popular brands of wafer biscuit in India

Wafer biscuits are another bakery product which has gained popularity in recent times . Wafer biscuits are of two types cream filled sandwich type where cream is filled betwwwen to layers of wafer s sheets which are then cut into wafer fingers and then packaed . Second type is coated type normally wafers are coated or enrobed by chocolate layer .

Popular brands for chocolate enrobed wafers biscuit are
Bravo - Bakers Pride - From Al sallan food Industries Co SAOG
Nestle - Munch
Cadbury - Perk

Wafer biscuit cream filled
Various cream varities are available from these brands such as vanilla , orange , hazzlenut ,milk ,banana

Its interesting that wafers are produced in large quantity but are mostly unbranded or localised , what I can collect from shelf were Wafers biscuits brand Tiffany and Nutro which are been sourced from UAE . There is a big potential for bakery manufacturers to enter branded wafer biscuit market in India .

Please suggest brand of wafer biscuit from your area .

Bakery Equipments - Wafers biscuit manufacturing

Another popular bakery products are Wafer biscuits. Basically they are of two type

  • Cream filled sandwich type : Two layers or Three Layers

  • Coated or Enrobed chocolate type

Following are the equipments required for automated wafers biscuit manufacturing

  • Batter Mixers with transfer unit

  • Plasticizers

  • Cream Mixers with transfer unit

  • Wafer baking Oven

These ovens have baking plates for wafers which are selected as per the size of wafer sheet )

  • Cooling Arch or Bridge

  • Wafer Spreading Unit

  • Wafer Block Cooler

  • Wafer Block Cutting

  • Wafer Distributor for guiding blocks to various packing machine

  • Flow wrap Packing machine

As wafers are very fragile packaging are mostly done in boxes and are then passed to packing machine for wrapper packaging .

Wafer Biscuit glossary are . Batter , cream , fingers , wafer sheet layer , baking plates , tongs , Conche mixers , Wafer sheet blocks .

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