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Types of Bread in Indian market

India has its own brand of breads for centuries what we now call chappatis , Naan , tandori rotis ,parathas etc .Bread have become integral part of modern living with urbanisation and less time for preparing break fast breads now must for most of the working families . Modern bread manufacturers which have now automated are producing varieties of bread . These varieties are listed below . Breads are normally accompanied with Bread spreads like honey, mayonnaise , jam , butter, cheese or you can even use vegetables and chicken for a sandwich .Even you can dunk it with tea or milk .

White Bread
Its the most popular and common bread . With 400g or 800g packs .White bread is made up from wheat flour minus the bran and the germ . White bread are the later fortified with minerals and vitamins.

Whole wheat grain bread or Brown Bread
Whole wheat bread contains the bran and germ which are not segregated as in white bread hence it has got better nutritional value .Its brownish colour because it contains the outer pericarp and aleurone layers of the wheat grain .

Sandwich bread
It is white bread with larger dimensions .These meant for the commercial use of sandwiches for hotels , restaurants and offices.School children also prefer these type of bread

Flavoured Breads
Bread Manufacturers with a view to local taste add flavours ,spices to match the palate ., creating varieties such as daliya ,basil, garlic, onion, or cinnamon .

Paav or Buns
Indian equivalents to burger buns . These are very popular in city of mumbai ( vada pav ) and pav bhajji

Exotic Bread
Retail bakery chain s are promoting exotic breads with chefs brought from Europe or Latin America.Baguettes, rolls, paninis, ciabattas, multi-grain bread, croissants, foccaccias, organic breads, gluten–free breads, Danish pastry and doughnuts.

Fruity Bread
Fruit cuts are spread for better taste Very popular with kids . No spreads are required .

The national players are Britannia and Modern ( now limited to few parts of the country ) .Every state has its own local brand.Short shelf life of bread makes difficult for big players to distribute breads at distant places

Bread can increase your protein intake, add fiber to your diet, refill you muscles by supply quality carbohydrate in addition to healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.


  1. Can some body throw some light on the cost aspect of a modern bread manufacturing facility.

    Capital cost for a certain manufacturing capacity

  2. Thnx for the query Deepak ,

    It all depends upon the type of bread plant you want to install . You can have cpacities from 1000 loaves a day to 50 000 loaves . Hence the cost would vary as per the capacities , type of bread , origin of equipments .

    You can visit for manfacturing process of bread on to simultaneously write to me with details on

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    1. Great to have Bonn on my blog .One of the popular brand of bakery products in North India


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