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Mexican Grupo Bimbo All Set For Indian Venture

Indians, prepare your taste buds to experience the real flavor of Mexican pastry.
Grupo Bimbo, leader of  world baking industry is all set to create a niche in the Indian markets. Recently, they have signed a joint venture agreement with the country’s leading baker Harvest  Gold .
Harvest  Gold 
Founded in 1993, promoted  by Mr  Adil Hassan , chemical engineer  by profession  . The first bread plant was set up  in Bhiwadi , Rajasthan  with initial invest ment  of  Rs 1.0 Crore .This baking company has set a benchmark for itself with its un compromising product quality. Very much popular in the areas surrounding the peninsular capital, Delhi, Harvest Gold  has already other associates  such as  Ready Roti India, Food Magic India, Rhodanthe Foods and Mindscape One marketing . Annually, the company has a turnover of about USD 48 million. More than 500 associates are involved in the production of packaged bread, pizza bases, sweet and savory buns.
Group Bimbo - a quick intro
Present in almost 24 countries in America, Asia, Africa and Europe, Bimbo has more than 13000 products to its credit. Considering the aspects of brand positioning in terms of volume and sales, Bimbo has been an indisputable leader in Mexico, Latin America and the United States.Owns  around 100 brands world over 
Ready, Steady, Go
Now, it is all set to create portfolio in the land of rich culture by holding 65% stake with Harvest Gold India Private limited worth  Rs 340  crore .
What’s the use?
By this joint venture, Indian taste buds are sure to experience an authentic Mexican delight. Also, the company gets to enter a new market and capture the hearts of Indians, in line with the vision of the company.Its first of any takeover  where an mnc  has  bought stake in Indian bread manufacturing unit.
The happy news is that, Harvest Gold will soon be a part of the Organization Europe, Asia and Africa.As per a recent research report, the Indian bread industry has increased to 9% in three years and has an estimated value of INR 3300 crore. In the next five years, the industry might grow at a CAGR of 10%, which would yield a turnover of INR 5300 crore.Major player in bread  industry are  Britannia Industries Ltd and Modern Foods . 

News source  : Various business magazine 

Movers And Shakers of Indian Bakery Industry

Following personalities in their own way have contributed  to   Indian Bakery  Industry ,which is  now transforming  into biggest  food processing  industry   estimated  to  be Rs 11000/- crore  and had now established its own  huge supply chain from  vendors , workers , consultants , equipment manufacturers , ingredient manufacturers , packaging design , packaging material , material handling , food safety ,pest control  bakery cafe s ,marketing and advertisement .

Nulsi Wadia  -  Took over Britannia from erstwhile  Biscuit King  Rajan Pillai . Had increased his stake in BIL  by  buying Danone ( french ) and Fontera ( New Zealand -dairy business ) shares  . Shrewd Business man  expanded Britannia s  foot print in Middle East through  buying out  Strategic Food Int llc -UAE  and Al Sallan foods -Oman .

Vinita Bali -  Guiding Britannia to robust growth  from  stagnation  . with experience in marketing through her stint  with Coca Cola and Cadburys  She  is now engaged into  diversifying this Biscuit giant into  dairy , Health and wellness beverages  market . I would like to mention  the predecessor to  Vinita Bali , Sunil Alagh was responsible for turnaround of  Britannia from  Rs 600.0 crore company to  Rs 2000 crore company

Sharad  and Vijay Chauhan  - Gained No-1  position for Parle as biscuit market leader in India . Aggressively driving  Parle distribution network and launching  new products .

Jayant Kapare  -  New entrant  to  Indian biscuit  market but with brand like  United Biscuits under his leadership is trying to establish itself  into major biscuit player .With launch of  products like cookies , cream , digestive  and Marie  in very short span  United Biscuits  is set  to give  good competition t

Nikhil  Sen - Took the challenge  to give Indian consumers something different from what has been offered till now through branding of cookies with leading   Australian firm Unibic . Mr Nikhil Sen has been an old hand  in biscuit industry as Ex -COO Britannia .

Chitrajan Dar  - Taking over from  prolific  leader in ITC food division    Ravi Navare . Marketing aggresively to get larger market share of biscuit market through launch of new products  

B.P  Agarwal - No one  ever thought that  a  small player like Priya gold would give a  tough competition to biggies of biscuit industry but through  clever marketing  and  pricing it made inroads to uncharted  rural market  thus making  Priya Gold  in Top 100 fmcg brand .

Sanjeev Kaushal - In less than a decade time Sanjeev Kaushal has made a mark in Indian bakery  equipment manufacturing   with  his company New Era Machines  and simultaneously building automation centre for these ventures through its arm New Era controls .

K.B .Kale  -  Pioneered  Biscuit Ovens in India  with his company Prima Engineering . Now manufacturing complete biscuit line  .Exporting biscuit lines to several  countries .

J.R  . Trivedi  - Doyen of Indian packaging machinery manufacturing . Mr JR Trivedi has developed low cost packaging machines  for Indian food processing  which can compete with imported machines on performance . Multipack  systems pvt ltd  is now exporting these  packing machines to several countries .

 Adil  Hassan and Taab Siddiqui-  Made  Harvest Gold Bread  a run way  success in  Delhi - NCR  region with in small period of time . Thus  becoming  consumers most preffered bread  in capital region dislodging Britannia and other  brands . Hence  they   proved that if  you make quality product  you can beat  the established players of the Industry .

H.T.Khorakhiwala - Established Monginis Foods and initiated indian  bakery  cafe s  in different cities . Monginis cakes/muffins cup cakes  are now availbale in  major cities  and have 250 retail shop  across India .

M. Mahadevan  -  Responsible for  setting up  bakery  retail   shop  by the name " Hot Bread " . Now expanding in different parts of world .

Anand Kripalu  -  MD Cadburys India  Now under Kraft Food Inc  would be responsible  for launching brands like Oreo biscuit  in India

Many more on regional levels 

Add your own favorites you think  have contributed to Indian bakery industry .

Bread Industry of India - A review

indian bread industry , bread industry of india ,  india bread industry review
With changing lifestyle  , urbanisation,  increase in per capita income  and working spouse these all have  made bread a staple food in India as its in other western countries .We are now taking breads  for breakfast luncheon and dinner as well .

Number of bakeries have opened up in neighbour hood  where one can buy his daily quantum of bread .
India has few major national bread manufacturers namely Britannia and Modern ( takenover by switz group) number is very low as compared to other countries such as USA or UK. Bread Manufacturing is volume driven and low margin industry with an disadvantage of  very low shelf life of products which then requires very robust supply chain management to deliver fresh bread  to consumer  daily .

The bread market has a business volume of 1.5 million tonnes. The bread industry has a production of approximately 27 lakh tonnes.  The major factors for growth in this segment are:

Brand loyalty


Strong distribution networks

The major challenge faced by the organized bread sector at present is low margins of profit. Hike in the prices of major raw materials like sugar, vegetable oil, milk, and wheat flour has been accounted for the industry's low margins of profit.

The per capita consumption of bread in India is only around 1.5 kg to 1.75 kg in various zones. The consumption pattern in four zones is Northern States: 27% Southern States: 32% Western States: 23% Eastern States: 18 % ( ref -AIBMA)

Few large regional players have grown up to make up for the demand.

North India
Harvest Gold ,Bonn ,Perfect ,National,Kitty

West India

South India

East India
 Britannia  ,Modern
Apart from these automated major bread manufacturers several bakery chains have sprang across the city maps. These bakery chain s provide  customers with artisan breads  with origin of recipe from Italy , France and Swiss. such as  Daily Bread , Hot Bread , Cookie Man   Oven Pick  andseveral others

Bread Manufacturers  have  started offering consumers with varieties of bread  such as  white bread ( most popular )  brown bread ,flavoured breads( garlic ) , gluten free bread ,buns 

more on bread industry  - A report

Note : Please add bread brands from your area .
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Types of Bread in Indian market

India has its own brand of breads for centuries what we now call chappatis , Naan , tandori rotis ,parathas etc .Bread have become integral part of modern living with urbanisation and less time for preparing break fast breads now must for most of the working families . Modern bread manufacturers which have now automated are producing varieties of bread . These varieties are listed below . Breads are normally accompanied with Bread spreads like honey, mayonnaise , jam , butter, cheese or you can even use vegetables and chicken for a sandwich .Even you can dunk it with tea or milk .

White Bread
Its the most popular and common bread . With 400g or 800g packs .White bread is made up from wheat flour minus the bran and the germ . White bread are the later fortified with minerals and vitamins.

Whole wheat grain bread or Brown Bread
Whole wheat bread contains the bran and germ which are not segregated as in white bread hence it has got better nutritional value .Its brownish colour because it contains the outer pericarp and aleurone layers of the wheat grain .

Sandwich bread
It is white bread with larger dimensions .These meant for the commercial use of sandwiches for hotels , restaurants and offices.School children also prefer these type of bread

Flavoured Breads
Bread Manufacturers with a view to local taste add flavours ,spices to match the palate ., creating varieties such as daliya ,basil, garlic, onion, or cinnamon .

Paav or Buns
Indian equivalents to burger buns . These are very popular in city of mumbai ( vada pav ) and pav bhajji

Exotic Bread
Retail bakery chain s are promoting exotic breads with chefs brought from Europe or Latin America.Baguettes, rolls, paninis, ciabattas, multi-grain bread, croissants, foccaccias, organic breads, gluten–free breads, Danish pastry and doughnuts.

Fruity Bread
Fruit cuts are spread for better taste Very popular with kids . No spreads are required .

The national players are Britannia and Modern ( now limited to few parts of the country ) .Every state has its own local brand.Short shelf life of bread makes difficult for big players to distribute breads at distant places

Bread can increase your protein intake, add fiber to your diet, refill you muscles by supply quality carbohydrate in addition to healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.

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