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World major bakery packaging machine manufacturer

Bakery products packaging machine are of various types such as

  • Horizontal flow wrap packing machine
  • On the edge packing machine
  • Vertical Pouch sealing machine
  • Bagger Machine for the bread
  • Cream Sandwiching machine
  • Shrink Wrap machine
  • Over wrap machine

Following are major packing machine manufacturers of the world related  to Bakery Products

  • Bosch packaging- Swiss
  • Mannesman -Germany
  • Ishida Europe- UK
  • ULMA packaging - Spain
  • Ila Pack - Italy
  • Wright Machinery - UK
  • Cavanna S.p.A - Italy
  • Ibonhart-UK
  • Adept  Technologies
  • FMS Packaging system
  • Campbell Wrapper Corporation
  • Rezpack Machinery Inc
  • Package Machinery Company , Inc 
  • Peters Machinery - USA


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