". Bakery Industry: Gelantinization and Dexterization - Bakery Glossary

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Gelantinization and Dexterization - Bakery Glossary

Bread manufacturing have two important process in baking which are related to starch these are

Gelantinization is the process where starch is heated in presence of water .This process occurs inside the bread crumb which is soft and starch is in molten state . When the temperature reaches about 85° C, a colloidalsolution is obtained in which the amylose and amylospectin molecules arecompletely dispersed in the water. This sequence of events is known as
geĆ­atinization.When bread is cooled then this starch remains in semi solid -semi liquid gel.

Dexterinization is the process where starch is heated in absence of water .It results into solid crust formation at the top of the bread .Temperature required for dexterinization is 225 deg c and above

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