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Putting up a New Biscuit Line ! Keep these points in mind

Entrepreneurs or businessmen who are in process of buying , installation of new biscuit line should keep following points in mind ,apart from legal requirement of industrial licenses , pollution clearance's and of course finances

Should have confirmed orders either for his own brand or as a Co -packer or Contract manufacturer.

As space requirement for biscuit is large as normal biscuit oven would be 250ft - 300 ft long and width would be 10 ft in width hence for such a line with provision for second line one has take an area of 700 ft x100 ft area . Single plant could be started with a provision to install second plant .Try to avoid bends and curves on the line . H shaped halls or I shape halls are highly recommended for biscuit plant with mixing on first floor . Had provision for lifts and escalators .

Versatility of the line
You should ask your biscuit plant manufacturer to give you a complete versatile plant where you can produce hard dough and short dough variety with all the accessories like salt spray , milk sprays , oil sprays .

Roof height
Oven generates heat and with numbers oven installed adjacent to each other heat generate would be substantial hence roof height from the oven roof should be more than 30 ft . Better if packing hall is differentiated through partitions . Roof could be of metallic sheet with natural ventillation concept .

Fuel storage and safety
What ever fuel you select as per the costing and availability do check the safety angle and legal provision. LPG and LDO storage requires fire safety and fire hydrants and these must be installed in the storage area .Its highly recommended to keep these storage tank as far from the main production building .

Storage Area
Have provision for raw material , finished good , workshop , lab , office s , You can make mezzanines floor for these requirements .

Traffic movement - In bound and Out bound
Space for movement of truck carrying raw material and Finished good

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