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Basic design aspect of biscuit packaging

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biscuit packaging

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So your product has been approved on trials and you are trying to finalise its packaging . Packaging is very important tools towards making that product a success or failure .Many design consultants are ready to help you out with design, logo and peppy line or two for the product .Select one or two consultants and brief them on the theme ,color pattern and product features .

Few basic design consideration of biscuit packaging .

  • Select your target consumers .

  • Select your graphics /pics/theme before finalising the print .

  • Select your color patterns with concepts like matching colors / contrast / black white / plain / colorful . Try to match with your target consumers

  • Finalise how to pack the product whether its flow wrap/pile type or on the edge packing

  • Select the type of wrapper you want whether it would be metallised ,pearlised or plain BOPP.

  • Select your slogan or the punch lines .

  • Check for the labels as per the laws .

  • Now check the dimensions of wrapper such as length and width as per product pack.

  • Check the cut off length of wrapper as per the pack size . This is important as far as cost is concerned you have to careful not give to large a cut off length or very less margin for packing .Special eye marks are put for sensors .

  • Winding directions - wrapper s have to manufactured as per the machine orientation as wells text and picture layout . They can be put into different orientation like anti clockwise or clockwise .Text parallel to the length or across the width .placement of eye mark with respect to printer arrangement .

  • Ask wrapper/laminate manufacture to produce two or three samples before approving the final print .

  • See the demo through manual packing of the product to see how it looks .

Each step mentioned above are critical for getting a good print from wrapper manufacturer as printing involves various steps like preparing rollers ,getting inks etc .Hence lot many correction can hamper the quality of print .

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