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List of Major bakery manufacturers in China

China have seen major growth in bakery products such as breads , cookies , biscuits and cakes .This is mainly due to economic prosperity , change in lifestyle and eating habits . To cater such popular demands many bakery manufacturing units have come up in this region .Major brands are Nabisco , Kellogg's , Kangshifu

Here are list of few major bakery plants in China

Foshan Confectionery factory – Canton

Gandour Food Co – Suzhou

Kraft Food Asia – Beijing , Suzhou

The Garden Company Ltd- Kowloon

Ting Hsin International Group- Tianjin

URC Shanghai Peggy Foods Co Ltd- Shanghai

Arnotts Biscuits Ltd.

Beijing Delliyana Food Co

Beijing Meidan

Beijing Jitiantin

Boya Botong

Dongguan Gang Lian Food Co. Ltd

Dongguan Golden Apple Food Co. Ltd

Dongguan Golden Fuji Food Co. Ltd

Dongguan Hsu Fu Chi Foods

Dongguan Huamei Foods Co. Ltd

Dongguan Jia You Food Co. Ltd.

Dongguan Kam Tai Co. Ltd

Dongguan Lap Chau Foodstuff Co. Ltd

Dongguan Yi Dong Foodstuff Co. Ltd

Four Seas Group

Ezaki Glico

Fujian Dali Group

Fuma Group

Gang Rong Foodstuff Development Co. Ltd.

Garden Li Hua

Garren Biscuit Co

Ginbis Four Seas (Shantou) Co. Ltd

Gong Yang Foodstuff Co. Ltd

Guangdong Jiashili Group

Guangzhou Jessica Food Products Co. Ltd

Guangzhou Oubao Food Co

Hai Tai Confectionery

Hangzhou Kaida Biscuit Co. Ltd.

Hebei Hualong Biscuit Corp

He Tian (Dotin)

Hua Jia Food Co. Ltd.

Jiangmen Danone Biscuits Co.

Khong Guan (S) Ltd.

Kotobuki Seika Co. Ltd.

Kum Ho Foods (Qingdao) Co. Ltd

Liwayway Group

Lotte Confectionery

Lotte Stone Foods Co. Ltd

Meidan Group

Meiji Seika Kaisha

Orion Food Co. Ltd

Qingdao Food Co.

Qingdao Guliguo Food Co

Quanzhou Harvest Foodstuffs Co. Ltd

Shandong Navigable Food Co. Ltd

Shanghai Danone Biscuits Foods Co. 148

Shanghai Ezaki Glico Foods Co. Ltd. 151

Shanghai GT Nissin Food Co. Ltd. 155

Shanghai President International Foods 159

Shantou Maohuat Foodstuff Co. Ltd. 163

Shenzhen Rungu Food Co. Ltd. 165

Taishan Entally Enterprises 168

Tianjin President International Food Co. Ltd

Tianjin Ting Yuan International Food Co. Ltd.

Tong Yang Confectionery Co. Ltd.

Uni-President Enterprises Corp

Universal Robina Corp

Want Want Holdings Ltd.

Xian Food Factory

Yantai Alliance Food Co. Ltd.

Yat Hing (China) Co

Yi Shui Qing Yang

Zhongshan Caesarwave

Zhongshan Mei Hua Co.

Zhongshan Weiss Biscuit Factory Ltd

Zhuhai Kaidoo & KiuXiu Food Co. Ltd

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