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FSSAI code for regulating advertisement and labels related to Food Products

Food safety and standards authority of India ( FSSAI) are working on rules to regulate advertisement by food companies which are misleading or false with respect to claims made by companies . India does have voluntary safe guards against such ads . The Advertising Standards Council of India makes necessary request to withdraw such ads . Consumers does not have any legal platform to punish such food manufacturers .
FSSAI has been constituted by govt of India through Food safety and standards act , 2006 to formulate policy , rules and guidelines for food safety and set standards for food additives and their use.
The FSSAI has prescribed penalty of Rs 10.0 lakh under the act for such manufacturers who gives misleading ads . It also recommends guideline s such where food manufacturers

Does not put advertising and communication of the food and beverages products should not be misleading or deceptive.

The advertisements should not encourage excessive consumption or inappropriately large portions of any particular food and not exploit consumers’ lack of experience or knowledge.

The code also points out that the advertisements should not undermine the role of parental care and guidance when children make food choices.

It discourages the portrayal of products as substitutes for meals, and endorsements by government agencies, professional bodies, independent agencies or individuals in a particular profession without their consent .

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