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How to select Industrial Bakery Ovens ?

Are you planning to open an bakery unit . Major equipment or you can say heart of any bakery operation is the Oven from where we produce our baked products let it be cake , biscuits , cookies , wafers , buns , puffs , pizza ,pastries ------ so many other form s of bakery products . Baking is done in these ovens . You have to be careful while selecting ovens .

Criteria for selecting Oven

  • Space - Check the dimensions available for the oven which can be installed in your unit . You can check the length and width of the Oven and ask manufacturer to as per our factory layout .Space required for tunnels ovens and travelling ovens are larger than smaller ovens like rack or deck ovens or Rotory oven .
  • Fuel - Burners are now available for different type of fuels -eg gas , diesel oil , electrical .These burners are installed in the Bakery ovens .Check the availability and cost of the fuel before finalising the type of Oven you require
  • Product - Once your have finalised your product you can approach different types of oven manufacturers for your production of cake , biscuit , pizza , biscuit ,cookies and other related products . Versatile oven can be made as per the buyer .
  • Capacities - Plan your capacities for term of say 3- 5 years where you increase your production and need not run for additional ovens . Capacities helps Bakery oven manufacturers to design ovens as per the requirement
  • Method of baking - Various methods of baking are popular in bakery industry eg Direct heating , Indirect heating or Hybrid Oven for combination of direct as well as indirect heating .
  • Automation - Level of automation can be done as per buyers requirement .Automation in respect of burners , safety and temperatures controls can be done by the oven manufacturers.

Different Kind of Industrial Ovens

  • Rack or Deck Ovens
  • Rotary Ovens
  • Contray Ovens
  • Swing Tray Ovens
  • Travelling Oven
  • Tunnel Ovens
  • Direct Heating Ovens
  • Indirect heating Ovens
  • Hybrid Oven
  • Wafer biscuit oven
  • Flat Steel band Oven


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