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Kraft s new biscuit,cookies & snacks vending machine

Kraft food Inc has planned to have its own vending machine to sell its biscuit an snack varieties eg Oreos and Planter peanuts .These vending s machine are popular in corporate work places , Universities , Airports , Railway stations , Hospitals etc.Earlier Kraft foods Inc used to sell their products to vending machine operators .

The" Diji" model vending machine would act as mini store for Kraft foods storing crackers , cookies , biscuits and snacks .This snack vending machine is designed specifically for Kraft foods by Samsung Electronics . It would have a 46 "electronic touch screen display for all information and one can see the nutritional values and calories on it .

The computerized devices are linked so that vendors can see when and where goods were bought. That way, they can learn more about customers' habits—do people buy fewer Cakesters after looking up their calorie count?—and test ad messages to find out which trigger more purchases, just as they can on the Internet.



  1. Hi
    Good Information. vending machines available from different manufacturers and suppliers. Some machines need electricity to vend the products and some are automatic.
    Snacks Vending Machine

  2. I think automatic vending machine is far better than other.

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  3. Vending machine is a better way for getting food.Because vending machine provide the fresh and healthy food.


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