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Griffins Food Ltd - A Major biscuit manufacturer in New Zealand - A profile

Griffin has been recently in news for outsourcing its production from Fiji . Griffins was established in year 1864 by John Griffin .Since then it s has expanded to be a USD 300 million turnover company . Griffin is among the top snack manufacturers in New Zealand and is owned by Australian based Pacific Equity Partners.

Chocolate biscuits , Cream biscuits , Crackers , Plain biscuits and Kids biscuit

Afghans,Belgian Cremes ,Cameo Cremes ,Chit Chat ,Chocolate Fingers ,Choc Thins ,Cookie Bear Chocolate Chippies ,Cookie Bear Hundreds and Thousands ,Cookie Bear PartyTime Wafers ,Cookie Bear Shrewsbury ,Cookie Bear Stripes ,Digestives ,Dundee ,Fruitli ,Gingernuts,
Krispie ,Lemon Treats ,Macaroon ,MallowPuffs ,Malt ,Meal Mates ,Melting Moments ,Milk Arrowroot ,Mint Treat ,Pasties ,Sensations ,Shortbread ,Snax ,Squiggles ,Swiss Cremes ,ToffeePops ,Wheaten ,

Employees - 800 employees working at two factories papa kura and wiri- Auckland

Ron Vella

Griffins Foods Limited,P O Box 76072,Manukau City 2241,New Zealand

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