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Milk spray units for biscuit production line

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Certain varieties of biscuit needs milk spray to give milk flavour and milk is sprayed on the top surface prior to baking which after baking gives the shine and the flavour .

For such an requirement the biscuit line have milk spray installed on the forming section of the biscuit production line just after the cutting unit where dough sheets are cut into desired shape by cutters .

Milk Spray unit consists of following element

Preparation and Storage unit
Milk spray unit consisting of spinning disc and nozzles .

Milk prepared in the preparation tank is transferred to the milk spray unit tank from where the milk is transferred on to the high speed rotating spinning disc which then forms a uniform mist and is then applied to the surface of wet dough pieces through muslin clothes .Each spinning disc has a direct coupled motor . Milk spray unit can either be placed manually on the platform or can be brought to desired place n pre fabricated mobile stand . No of disc depends upon the width of the unit which is made as per the width of the conveyor carrying dough pieces .

Flow or the quantity of the milk spray can be controlled through valves . Ensure the correct angle of the nozzles toward the spinning disc so as to get the uniform mist .Return lines are provided for excess milk which is then returned to the collection tank. After application the Milk Spray unit is washed and cleaned and kept ready for the next production schedule.

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