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Britannia s Little Heart - A product review

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Britannia Little Hearts has been unique in two sense one was packing and second was bite size small heart shaped biscuit  coated with sugar .

"'Little Hearts was launched in 1993 and targeted the growing youth segment. A completely unique product, it was the first time biscuits were retailed in pouch packs like potato wafers. The launch message introduced a special taste experience that made the unlikeliest characters - like Dracula and Frankenstein - melt. In 1997, the 'Direct Dil Se' campaign encouraged youngsters to openly express their feelings. And in 2003, two variants called Little Hearts Chocolate and Little Hearts Sesame were rolled out with a campaign "Dil sabka actually sweet hai". With Little Hearts, Britannia has tasted the sweet taste of success. ""
Source : Britannia Industries Ltd

Here is a  review of  Britannia Little Hearts

Taste --  Good  with flavours like sesame or chocolate

Color - Dark brown , baking good

Bite-  Soft  bite

Packaging-  Pouch packing with metalized wrapper

Ingredients-Wheat flour ,Sugar,Edible vegetable oil ,Milk solids,Raising agent ,Salt ,Yeast  Emulsifiers .
and Improvers .

Calories- 474 kcal per 100gms

Price -  Rs 10/-  for  60 gms

Competitors ---    Yet to have any competitor  

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