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Bread Industry of India - A review

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With changing lifestyle  , urbanisation,  increase in per capita income  and working spouse these all have  made bread a staple food in India as its in other western countries .We are now taking breads  for breakfast luncheon and dinner as well .

Number of bakeries have opened up in neighbour hood  where one can buy his daily quantum of bread .
India has few major national bread manufacturers namely Britannia and Modern ( takenover by switz group) number is very low as compared to other countries such as USA or UK. Bread Manufacturing is volume driven and low margin industry with an disadvantage of  very low shelf life of products which then requires very robust supply chain management to deliver fresh bread  to consumer  daily .

The bread market has a business volume of 1.5 million tonnes. The bread industry has a production of approximately 27 lakh tonnes.  The major factors for growth in this segment are:

Brand loyalty


Strong distribution networks

The major challenge faced by the organized bread sector at present is low margins of profit. Hike in the prices of major raw materials like sugar, vegetable oil, milk, and wheat flour has been accounted for the industry's low margins of profit.

The per capita consumption of bread in India is only around 1.5 kg to 1.75 kg in various zones. The consumption pattern in four zones is Northern States: 27% Southern States: 32% Western States: 23% Eastern States: 18 % ( ref -AIBMA)

Few large regional players have grown up to make up for the demand.

North India
Harvest Gold ,Bonn ,Perfect ,National,Kitty

West India

South India

East India
 Britannia  ,Modern
Apart from these automated major bread manufacturers several bakery chains have sprang across the city maps. These bakery chain s provide  customers with artisan breads  with origin of recipe from Italy , France and Swiss. such as  Daily Bread , Hot Bread , Cookie Man   Oven Pick  andseveral others

Bread Manufacturers  have  started offering consumers with varieties of bread  such as  white bread ( most popular )  brown bread ,flavoured breads( garlic ) , gluten free bread ,buns 

more on bread industry  - A report

Note : Please add bread brands from your area .
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