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Carton sealing machines in bakeries

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Finished product s be it  in biscuit/cookies  manufacturing plant or slab  cake production plants  are transhipped  into retailers  from  production hall  in cartons . Cartons  or CBB are either supplied in pre- form or  formed into  cartons . Cartons  are  filled or stuffed by these packs . The popular  configuration  available for  cartons are that of 1.5 kg , 2.5 kg , 5kg or 6kg . These carton are sealed  either from top or both from top and bottom by carton sealing machines . These carton sealing machines have adhesive  tape mounted on them which are then pressed onto the flaps of  carton and  sealing is done . Cut- off  Length of tape could be adjusted through adjusting mechanism.
Different type of carton sealer s are available  in  the market
Fixed dimensions type
Top tape head type
Top and bottom sealing type
Automatic adjustment as per carton dimension type

Basic principle of carton sealing machine
Head consists of  roller which  presses  the tape on to the  carton  and after  a particular length the cutter cuts the tapes due to spring pressure

Important parts  of carton sealing machines
Mandrel hold tapes
Bottom and top pressure roller
Side rollers
Sliding Guide  to lower  or raise the support as per the rquirement

Carton sealing machine specifications

  • Power supply 1P 110v/220v 50Hz/60Hz 300W/470W

  • Sealing speed -cartons/min

  • Carton size -L() x W() x H()mm

  • Tape size -48-72mm(Kraft or BOPP tape)

  • Machine size -L() x W() x H()mm

  • Popular Brand of carton sealer in bakery manufacturing units are
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    1. Sealing a package generally of plastic by applying heat is a convenient method for packing medical supplies, samples, chemicals, confectionery and other food products. It consists of a bench top and a heat seal press. Technology behind sealing for more than 40 years, has created the means for producing consistent, repeatable, and validatable heat seals for commercial, scientific and medical applications. The process is commonly used and preferred for pouch and sachet sealing.
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    5. Popular Brand of carton sealer in bakery manufacturing units are automatic palletizing machine

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