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Install in motion Check Weighing machine to eliminate excess weight to the market

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While going through the material  consumption variance   report one might like to know the  reasons  for it , One of the major reason in bakery product material variance s is Give aways ( over weight of packed product). Due to faulty setting s  or mechanical issues  in bread production , cake production line or biscuit production lines .
It could be due to Dividers malfunction or Cutter /Moulders setting or configuration . The major steps is to rectify the problem in the equipment first but  for detection purpose bakery plants to set up   in motion checkweighers after packing section  in biscuit manufacturing and checkweighers at dividers end to measure the weight of the dough piece .
Installation of checkweighers  would   make the conventional table top scales obsolete   at some places . These checkweighers helps bakery manufacturers in two ways
Under weight
  • You can be  sure of the weights  products which comes through check   weighers  and its legal requirement for all manufacturers to adhere to the declared weight with some tolerance s.
Over weight
  • Any variation of weights whether Under weights or Over weights  does harm company interests . Corrections can be done  at manufacturing areas to get the proper  weight of the product
Working Principle of Checkweigher
Work on Pneumatic  applications,  pneumatic cylinders are used for retraction or  folding of conveyors  for rejection of packets. Product s are put on the conveyors which have load cells which gauge s weight and send signals to the  pneumatic cylinders  which  are activated through  .valves  compressed air  then either retracts or pushes the folding conveyor or some checkweighers have pneumatic nozzles on the conveyors surfaces which pushes the under weights and overweights through blast of compressed air   .Which drops the under weight or over weight packets . One has to check  the packing machine output to synchronize  with check  weigher .
Specification of Check weighers

Products/per minutes- packets/min
Set Weights = +/- gms
Tolerances =+/- gms
Air Pressure = kg/cm2
Major manufacturers of  checkweighers
Mettler Toledo
Lock Inspection
Wright Machinery
Check weighers now days  have data storage where all details of  weights of the product can be stored and can be  retrieved analysis.
Any variation of weights whether Under weights or Over weights  does harm company interests . Corrections can be done  at manufacturing areas to get the proper  weight of the product.


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