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Few general steps for energy saving in bakery plants

Following steps  can  be taken with minimum ofinvestment to save energy in big to medium bakeries .
 Automated Bakeries  now have better and bigger equipments which consume more energy . Human comfort had made bakeries investing in HVAC  utilities .  Process requirements  requires boilers and compressors .


Reduce mounting height

Timer for outside lighting to be changed according to season

Cleaning of Translucent sheet and window

Switch off lighting during lunch hours and when not in operation.

Clean luminaries

Provide task lighting in packing area

Use T5 lamps for future replacement

Specular reflectors for administration block

Use Maximum Day lighting

Give infrared controlled switching circuit

Increase mounting height of Sodium vapour lamp near to outside storage

Compressed Air system:

Conduct leakage test regularly

Reduce set pressure of compressed air system

Provide gun for cleaning operation

Use low pressure air for cleaning

Misuse of compressed air such as body cleaning, floor cleaning must be discouraged.

Air Conditioning

Provide temperature thermostat control

Give accessibility

Regular cleaning of filters/evaporators

Provide fast acting door

Provide Water curtains for condenser

Automatic control for A.C.operation

Increase air flow circulation


Monitor flue gas parameters for  oven lines

Monitor fuel  consumption of each line of oven

Electrical system

Installation of Harmonic filters

Automatic power factor control (APFC) for all transformers

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