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Ventilation systems for baking hall

Bakery halls  normally have ovens installed in it  .Special attention needs to be given for ventilation in the baking hall . Roof are  designed in such a way that it  helps in natural ventilation.  The temperatures in these halls touches 50- 55 deg c in summer in some places  which makes condition difficult for bakers and operators to work  in these condition .

Normally bigger plants with more than two or three units placed in  the same hall s  have more problem than a single unit . Ensure that the roof height are something between 30 - 35 ft  from the ground level  and have ample space for heat to disperse .

Following methods are used to  for  ventilation

Ventilation system , Ventilation system , axial fan , ventilation fan

Forced  Ventilation
 Axial  fans are installed at the roof  with capacities  matching the  hall dimensions .  fans are installed in the walls  as well roof  supported on the trusses and wall . structure needs to be erected for installation , repair and dismantling of these fans .This methods consume more energy as axial fans are drive by motors .

Natural ventilation

Roof are designed such a way that  it helps  natural ventilation  . series of wire mesh is fixed in the entire length which allows hot air to escape through it  and preventing dust other foreign bodies to go inside the  hall . fans can be installed which can use the hot airs  to run itself hence creating draft for air to escape to the atmosphere  through roof .


  1. kindly can you inform about the average air change for good ventilation in bakery

  2. Dear Flash ,

    Good question
    Normal air change requirement for any bakery hall could be between 20-25/hour . you can design your systems for 30 air changes/hour for better results

  3. Good informative post,
    Ventilation plays a vital role in our everyday lives. Proper ventilated homes are healthier and comfortable homes. Roof of the house and its ventilation should be considered very seriously so as to save money, and live healthier. Thanks for sharing this.
    Air Ventilator

  4. Dear Marun,

    Yes as we keep our home ventilated so shall the factory production hall be properly ventilated

    thanks for your comment

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  7. There are various sorts of ventilation frameworks including common, mechanical and smoke ones ventilation systems

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