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Bakery Waste Recycled As Animal Feed And Fertiliser

To convert waste into animal feed and fertilizers, Reclaims Enterprise gets factories' organic waste, such as biscuits, bread and milk waste, removes the moisture in it using high temperatures, and then grinds it into powder.

The technology used for this process is termed Environmental Recycling System (ERS) and is imported from Japan. In the first few months of usage, Reclaims Enterprise engaged experts from Japan to come to Singapore to train workers to operate the machines.

Using its newly-imported machines, Reclaims Enterprise is able to reduce moisture content in the resultant product to less than 10 per cent compared to the usual 20 per cent that other recycling companies in the industry can do. A lower moisture content means that the product can last longer.

Reclaims Enterprise has four of these machines situated in Tuas and each of them can process about 60 tonnes of waste. As moisture makes up about 88 per cent of the waste processed, after processing the waste through the machines, only a quarter of the 240 tonnes can be used as animal feed and fertilisers.

'Rather than having companies incinerate their waste, we can recycle it to something more useful,' says Mr Tan in Mandarin, commenting on Singapore's recyclable waste of about 2,000 tonnes daily

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