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Kraft Food Inc Outsource Its Procurement Services To Capgemini

The rumours are true - Capgemini has announced its first major deal following the acquisition of on-demand purchasing solutions provider IBX.

The new agreement will see the French consultancy supporting Kraft Foods’ procurement operations in North America. The arrangement is a multi-year contract that makes use of Capgemini’s new, integrated platform to manage the food giant’s North American procurement services from front-end sourcing to category management.

“These services will streamline Kraft’s procurement operations and support their goal of sustainable performance,” said Hubert Giraud, head of Capgemini business process outsourcing.

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  2. I think that it's important for a company to outsource some services. The big companies tend to control everything, but due to their size they can't control it.
    For example, a big company should be Outsourcing customer support. If they do this they probably focus more in their goals.

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