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Racking Solution For Storage In Bakery

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Space constrain is a major problem for bakery manufacturers . You need space for  raw material , packaging material  and finished goods along with parts storage systems  engineering goods and work shop floor .

Storage space is required for

Raw material  
Packaging material
Plastic and wooden pallets
Work in Progress material
Finished Goods
Engineering  Spares
Rejected packed products
Workshop or maintenance working area

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With limited space one can optimise by introducing racking storage in their factory or ware house . Racking system uses vertical spaces rather than horizontal span hence reducing the space requirement . Goods can be stacked  on pallets  and the same can be stored or kept on these racks reducing the loading and unloading time .

Racking system can be designed  keeping in the view the height and width of the available area  and  can be designed to store products stacked on pallets .  we can design the racking cell keep the view the pallet dimensions .

Racks   are formed into  rows and columns  are  calculated in basis of  row x columns such as 6x4 , 8x4  etc  depending on the space available .

Another advantage is the dismantling and erection of these racks . These could be easily  dismantled and erected in short time  as these are made up with frames and  use fastener for installation .So any expansion can be done without any major cost .

Its highly suggested that bakery manufacturers  to go for racking systems to optimise their space . Using Forklift the materials can be stored upto 4- 5 meter  height .


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  2. Racking storage solution is not only good for bakery, but also it is very helpful in warehouses, in any industry and in manufacturing companies as well as racking system are widely used in homes also. Racking storage unit provides better management of goods.

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  4. The guy there took his time explaining the process, walked me around the storage area, and showed me couple of units, asked me what I have, and gave me a good estimate of unit size most appropriate.

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