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Sugar Grinders - Major Bakery equipments

Sugar  is a major ingredients  for  all bakery products   whether in  bread , biscuits , cakes or wafer biscuit along with flour and fat . Addition of  sugar can be done in

  • Crystals or Granules
  • Powdered Form
  • Sugar Solution
  • Invert Syrup

All above mentioned  types of  sugar additions are done as per the requirement of  bakery products .. Mostly powdered  sugar are used to enhance the taste( sweetness )   of the product due to better mixing in dough stage  .

Powdered sugar are obtained  from Sugar Grinders  which  grinds sugar granules into powder form and  are basically of two types

Basic Types of  sugar grinder  are

Hammer types mill
Pin types mill

Particle  sizes of  these powdered  sugar can be altered through mesh   size

Capacity of Sugar Grinder/Pulveriser  : 500kg/hr - 1000kg/hr

Normal components of Sugar grinding systems  apart from  Sugar grinder  are

Screw conveyor  Or  Spiral conveyor -  Operators need to keep in mind the hygroscopic  nature of sugar  which may clog these conveyors frequently hence any wet sugar or high moisture sugar should be avoided  for grinding .

Dust Collector Bags : These are required to collect sugar dust  as huge amount  of sugar dust is generated while grinding  . These dust collector bags traps the dust  and these could be used in production . Dust collectors reduces the waste and keeps  the  environment dust free which very important for any bakery unit . Filter bags need replacement after  bags starts choking .

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Safety precaution -  Sugar being hygroscopic in nature has tendency  to get fire on higher temperatures  hence  we should always ensure electric arrestors to the sugar grinding components such as mill, filter bags ( critical) etc.

One should always place  permanent magnets bar s into infeed hopper  for metal detection in the sugar .

Major Sugar Grinder supplier are

Stephan Machinery

Kaps Engineers
Mangal machinery

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