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Biscuit Production Line

Biscuit production line consists of following equipments with brief  description

All  ingredients are mixed into mixers  to prepare  dough  with desired characteristics . Normally two stage mixing is done  in biscuit production One with rapid slow speed and second stage with rapid speed hence one select a dual speed mixer .

Dough Elevator or Dough Tipper

Dough bowl  are either taken to tippers where dough is decanted into mixer bowl  which is beneath the tipper at level lower  to the tipper  or  dough bowl is  carried to certain height  and then tilted to decant the bowl into laminator hopper .

Dough Laminator

Laminator main function is to reduce the  mass of dough into uniform sheet or laminate for further reduction in gauge roll . Laminators have sets of roller where this dough is acted upon  and are converted into dough sheet .

Gauge Rolls

biscuit production line , biscuit production
These gauge rolls have set of cylindrical rollers which rotates in reverse direction so as to  give  push to the next gauge rolls . Three stand to four stand of gauge rolls are used in normal biscuit  production line . Speed of rolls ae set as per the baking time and increases  as we proceed further .

Moulding /or  Cutter Unit

These are equipment  which cuts the dough sheet into desired shape and size . Plant out put are calculated as per the design of the moulder or cutter . These cutters or moulders have dies , cups or inserts which are fixed on the cavities or  surface of the moulder or cutter .
Now days engraved moulders and cutters are available . Moulders are now designed in rings instead of single piece which helps in maintenance or changing damaged cups .

Moulder are used for short dough  where as cutters are used for hard dough variety

Scrap return conveyor

These conveyors  returns the  scrap dough back to mixers which are again used for production thus minimising waste .

Swivel Panner
Swivel panner  is  installed at the feed end of oven where it centres the dough piece entrance on baking oven band  it has swivel arrangement on which it balances the  web or centres the web  so that wet dough pieces enter s oven in straight line .

Baking Oven

Dough pieces then enters oven  and travels on wire band for baking . Burners generates heat which is circulated through ducts or pipelines  to bake wet  dough pieces . length and width of oven are designed as per the capacity required . Oven speed is adjusted as per the standards baking time for particular variety

Stripper Conveyor

Stripper conveyors are provided  at  the delivery end of oven so that  baked biscuit are cooled and doest not come into contact of any surface when hot . Stripper conveyors has wire mesh which carries these hot baked biscuit .

Cooling Conveyor

These conveyors  are provided in biscuit production line to   bring down temperature of   hot biscuits which comes out from oven . normally they 1.5 -2 times of  oven length .

Magnetic Stacker

Stacker are used to  distributes and   arrange biscuits  in a line and are thus could be stacked easily for packing process . These biscuits  are made to pass of plates which acts as guides which makes these biscuits to fall into space between the guides .

Packing Table

Biscuit s travels into guidelines on packing table where either they are fed into  into  packing machine automatically or are fed into feeding chutes  manually by operators .

Packing Machine
Biscuits are fed into packing  machine for packaging   there are various types of biscuit packing such as pile type , on the edge  and cream sandwich type . Horizontal flow wrap machines are  mostly used to pack with flexible packaging .

Biscuit  Process Flow Diagram 
Bread Process  Flow  Diagram 
Accesories & Additional Equipments For  Biscuit Production

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