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Hostess Brands Major Bread And Cake Manufacturer In United States

Recent News from Hostess Brands a Leading bakery house in United States 
 In major  overhaul  for its operation  Hostess Brands  plans to shut down  its  NY Wonder bread bakery  .it has  already closed Ohio  facility . 
The 100,000 square-foot plant employs 200 staff and mainly produces products for Hostess Brands' "Wonder® Bread" range.

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Hostess Brands is one of the largest wholesale bakers and distributors of fresh delivered bread and snack cakes in the United States. They are the maker of the breads and cakes that have treated America for over a century – Twinkies, Ding Dongs, HoHos, Sno Balls, Donettes, WonderBread, Hostess Fruit Pies, and many more. Recently they have launched Nature’s Pride, a 100-percent all-natural, no preservatives, line of premium and traditional breads.

The company operates 39 bakeries throughout the United States and employs approximately 21,000 people. Known for our outstanding brands and product quality, the employees of Hostess Brands deliver the products consumers love to the stores and  like to shop on approximately 6,000 delivery routes. Hostess Brands is based in Dallas, Texas, with an operations center in Kansas City, MO. Hostess Brands also has approximately 700 bakery outlet stores. The Hostess brands are owned by its parent company IBC ( Interstate Bakeries Corporation )

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  1. My family used to love Hostess snack cakes back in the 60's and 70's but since you changed the ingredients the cakes are terrible. The poor taste and quality is what is hurting you. I would pay the higher prices to cover the cost of sugar if they tasted good. We also don't like the soy in them because my daughter is allergic to the soy filler. Bring back natural ingredients and they would sell and you would have high profits.

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