". Bakery Industry: LINPAC Introduces New Packaging For Bread & Cakes

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LINPAC Introduces New Packaging For Bread & Cakes

Bread  Paper Bags

With Italian consumers demonstrating a desire for traditionally packaged bakery products, LINPAC Packaging, Europe’s leading multi-material packaging manufacturer, has launched an innovative range of new paper bags.
The new bags help keep bread and savouries fresh and crispy, and are available for Italian customers in pre-made sizes, or can be supplied ‘on the reel’ for use with instore automatic bagging machinery.
Available with or without a 60mm or 80mm window panel, the bags also allow for a variety of creative branding and marketing opportunities, with six colour printing options.
The range is ideal for traditional and speciality Italian breads – providing a rustic look and feel, combined with excellent protective properties.
Cristiano Madama of LINPAC Packaging said: “Our new range of bakery bags is ideal for a variety of bakery products because it combines a traditional style of product presentation, as demanded by consumers, with the modern protective and production properties of our new technologies.
“When you add the fact that retailers can incorporate their own individual branding, you have an excellent product that matches the consumer’s desire for traditional bakery items, with the commercial and production demands of retailers and their suppliers.”
As a lightweight packaging option, the product also enjoys a low-carbon footprint, and meets the environmental concerns of both consumers and retailers.

Cake Boxes
 With  Italian consumers demanding the highest standards of presentation and protection from in-store bakery products, LINPAC Packaging  has introduced a range of crystal clear cake containers that are ideal for individual or multiple cakes and pies. Offering perfect clarity thanks to their aPET construction, and providing outstanding product presentation and excellent protection for the consumer, the containers ensure product looks as good at home as it does in-store.  LINPAC’s range is available as either hinged containers or as base-and-lid combinations, and come in square, rectangular and round shapes, plus a huge number of sizes.
The hinged-box range comes with standard and airtight closure options, ensuring products stay fresher for longer, and with different shaped cavities available to suit different products. LINPAC is confident it can match a customer’s product with one of its existing designs.
But the company also offers bespoke designs for individual requirements and can provide full technical support to ensure production lines run as efficiently as possible.
LINPAC’s range of bases and lids also share the same outstanding strength and protective properties, and are available in square, rectangular, circular and heart shapes.
All lids come in crystal clear aPET, while bases are available in clear, black, cream or raspberry colours, and can be supplied with a variety of portion-control systems suitable for profiteroles, truffles or multiple cakes.
Cristiano Madama of LINPAC Packaging said: “As well as the taste, a great part of the appeal of cakes and sweet pies is how fresh and delicious they look on the shelf.
“With our range of crystal clear hinged boxes, the consumer can easily see the quality of the product, while manufacturers and retailers can benefit from excellent levels of protection, customised labels and embossing for better marketing opportunities.

LINPAC Packaging is a leading supplier of food packaging products to the Italian market, with manufacturing sites in Verona and Bertinoro. The company is a multi-material packaging supplier to the protein, bakery, fresh produce and foodservice markets across Europe and beyond, and works with customers to offer consumer focused packaging solutions.
For further information about LINPAC Packaging in Italy call +39 045 92 16 411.
visit  www.linpac.com

source : www.linpac.com

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