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Dubai Hot Spot For Indian Biscuit Brands

My stay  in  Dubai  has few surprise  as  all  major Indian biscuit brands could be found in retail  shop  as well as mall supermarkets  and hypermarkets   with  other international and local brands . We could also  find few brands from   south east  asian countries such as  Philippines , Thailand , Malaysia  and Indonesia .  . Local brands    from countries like   Oman , Iran , Syria, Saudi Arabia  and Turkey . Other major international brands most visible were Mcvities , Oreos , Bisca , Locker  and  local favorite Tiffany .

What   has drawn my attention of  the volume and  shelf  space Indian brands occupied on  malls  such as Carrefour and  the Brands displayed  on Vans   carrying this products

Retailers displayed  all major  brands such as  Britannia's , Parle , ITC  and even Priya Gold  . Dubai have a very sizable Indian populations which  prefers Indian biscuits  to other brands thus making it a lucrative market to Indian manufacturers .

All  major Indian brands  which  have to  face stiff competition at home have started scouting for markets overseas   and Dubai  being the favorite destinations for them . Most of them  operates through authorised  distributors  except  for  Britannia Industries Ltd  as they  have  bought  local company  Strategic Foods Intl Co LLc  from Khimji  Ramdas  . Britannia  is now promoting  both its Indian brands such  as Good Day , Marie Gold , 50-50 , Milkbikis  as well as local brand  such as  Nutro  biscuits   and wafers .

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