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Flooring s In Bakery Plant

 Larger  Bakeries   have to decide upon type of flooring during  planning  stage  as  what kind of  flooring would be required for laying . Food factories have  special requirement  of flooring s due  to  hygiene and sanitation standards during process .
The floor of a food processing facility is typically exposed to all sorts of food byproducts, including fats, hot oils, dough,hot water , steam , cold water , sugar solutions, and natural food acids. Some of these substances can cause serious damage to concrete because of their corrosive nature. In addition, these contaminants can infiltrate uncoated concrete, resulting in uncontrolled growth of bacteria, ultimately degrading the processed foods purity.
        Consequently, coatings selected for application to food and beverage processing facility floors must be durable enough and thick enough to create a protective barrier that prevents contaminants from permeating the concrete substrate and ensures a hygienic surface
 Bakery Flooring  should meet following  parameters 

Thermal shock Resistant
Bakeries  have application which requires hot  and cold water  application hence flooring should with stand high temperatures .

Chemical Resistant
Bakeries have applications  of acids , sugar  and sanitation chemicals

Could  with stand heavy traffic from equipments  like pallet trucks , forklifts  and  trolleys .

Sanitary  and   Safe
As per approved ( state standards ) food grade flooring, slip resistant, odorless installation

Following  types of  flooring could be seen  in  Indian bakery  Plants
Marble flooring , Kota stone  flooring ,  Ceramic tiles flooring   and Epoxy  coatings .Popular among these are Kota stone ( lime stone )  and Ceramic tiles flooring . . Recommended flooring for bakeries would be epoxy coated flooring but has higher cost than other flooring .

Kota  stone  ( lime  stone )   flooring

Kota stone has advantage of toughness over  Ceramic tiles  as flooring material in bakeries . Kota stones are available in rough as well as polish finish  and could be cut into  any dimensions  but the industry standards is 22"x22"  . Thickness could vary from  25mm to 40mm . Kota  stone  could be  easily washed  number of times during cleaning of floors in bakeries

Ceramic tiles
Ceramic tiles have advantages of weight  , finish  and easy replacement s  when damaged .

Flooring types  in  International   bakery plants
Standards can be checked into USDA , FDA and NSF  Standards for floor coatings in food processing units 
Epoxy  coated  flooring , Urethanes ,Methyl Methacrylate, Poly Ureas


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  7. Commercial and Industrial Bakery floors are exposed to extreme conditions; heavy wheeled abuse from carts and tow motors, heat and thermal cycling from ovens/fryers/washdowns, chemical/bacteria attack, sanitizers, etc. So
    Epoxy coating is the best solution here.

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