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Its Boom Time For Biscuit Equipment Manufacturers In India

All major  biscuit manufacturer in India have declared their plan to go  for  major expansions.  We have been covering  news of  expansion report   for

Britannia Industries




Ravi Foods

Anmol  Biscuit

With  many investors and foreign players  also  scouting   to enter Indian biscuit market  demands for biscuit equipments would definitely  rise .Investment in Plant and Machinery  varies from Rs 5.0 crores to more than Rs20.0  crores .These capital  equipments  are custom  made and requires  lead time varying from 16 weeks  to 24 weeks .

 With such  higher number of expansion   biscuit equipment manufacturers can expect   large orders for  biscuit equipments  such as Mixers , Ovens , Bulk Handling system , Packing machines, Grinders & Belting  . India have flourishing   domestic biscuit equipment manufacturing  industry  with few big  equipments  manufacturers who  can  claim to be producing   good  quality equipments  which caters  to organised sector of biscuit market ( 25% of total biscuit production is in  organised sector ) .Few of them  are exporting equipments  to  African , Middle Eastern Countries , Asian , Eastern European , South American countries . Most of the  biscuit manufacturers buy from these domestic  equipment manufacturers  which provide reliable and low cost equipments in comparison to  imported  equipments . Main competition for  equipment comes from  German , American and Taiwanese Equipments .Versatile Biscuit plant which can produce both Hard and Short Dough types are in big demand .Biscuit equipment manufacturers have started providing automation  solution  with PLC 's  and  Softwares  thus  increasing productivity  of  the plant .

Few of Established  Biscuit  Equipments Manufacturers are

biscuit oven
Biscuit Plant and Equipments
  • New  Era  Machines
  • Prima Engineering 
  • Sunbeam Machines Indian P Ltd
  • Sarla  Industries
 Packing Machines
  • Multipack Systems Pvt Ltd 
  • Khosla Packaging Machines

Bulk Handling Sytem
  • Miranda Automation 
  • Rieco Industries
  • Indcon Projects
 Metal Detection

  • Technofour Electronics P Ltd .

  •  Kaps Engineers


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