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Sinmag - World Major Bakery Equipment Manufacturer - A profile

Bakery equipments and machinery market is  dominated by European and American  manufacturers  rarely  we find any Asian brands competing with  these brands but for one Taiwanese bakery equipment manufacturer Sinmag . Sinmag has made a mark on bakery equipment market with its  superior quality and  after sale service  to the clients  world wide . Taking example of India - even with numerous bakery equipment manufacturers present in India  we can find  Sinmag  equipments  are installed every where .Sinmag  equipments are ranked among best bakery equipment in this part of the world .

Established in year 1983 , Taiwan  operates  with two manufacturing units in Taiwan and China respectively  . Exports its machine to USA , Canada , Asia , Africa ,Latin America and Australia . Market leader in countries like China ,Taiwan , Malaysia and Philippines  for   bakery equipment.

Bakery Equipment 
          Its popularity  lies among  small to medium  bakeries  . It has complete range of baking equipments used for  bread , buns , cakes and pastries .
  •         Planetary Mixer
  •         Spiral Mixer 25,50,80,120,200 Kg dough
  •         Bun Dividers
  •         Bun Divider Rounders:Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic
  •         Hydraulic Dividers
  •         Dough Rounders
  •         Dough Moulders
  •         Dough Sheeters
  •         Proofers
  •         Retarder-Proofers
  •         Deck Ovens, Electric and Gas
  •         Revolving Trays Ovens
  •         Tunnel Ovens
  •         Slicers
  •         Racks
  •         Show Cases
  •         Convection Ovens,Electric and Gas
website : www.sinmag.com

9F- 4 , No - 342
FU  Housing Road
Sec1, Taiwan - ROC
Tel : 02 - 27033337
Fax:  02 - 27034888

Email :  export@singmag.com.cn

Distributor   of   Sinmag  Equipments  In  India 

Apple Bakery Machinery Private Limited
20i,1st Floor, Hansraj Damodar Wadi
Off Kennedy Bridge, Opera House
Mumbai - 400 004
Tel: +91 22 2385 2632/33
Fax: +91 22 2385 2629
Email: bak2apple@yahoo.co.in ;info@applebakerymachinery.in 

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Provers In Bread Manufacturing


Bread, Bun , Pie and Rusk  manufacturing  have unique ingredient yeast which is responsible for texture requires either time or conditions ( humid and  hot ) to act  and release gases which are trapped into dough ( leavening)  or fermentation . Various type of provers are available as per plant layout such as Box type , L type or Type , Gas  or  steam could be used for humidity and heating arrangement .It includes  gas burners , steam heaters or steam injection system .Rack type or Traveling tray type provers  are available for proving/proofing  process.Proofers are thermally insulated enclosures and. vary in size from a small box with shelving to a room. With  space  for  many  portable  bread  racks. Proofer  is  heated  by  steam  coils  or  electric  heating. Elements located inside the enclosure.

Intermediate  Prover
Intermediate provers are provided in bread manufacturing process to allow bread to relieve and recuperate from stress- strain to mechanical action on dough by  dividers and rounder . It also  gives dough to ferment during  this time and make dough soften up for  Final prover  after moulding .Its  also called relaxation prover  where it travels for few minutes in trays .

Final Prover

Dough  are  converted into elongated  cylindrical dough pieces  which are twisted  and re placed into moulds  which are greased  with emulsion or oil  for depanning . Final prover have arrangement for steam  which spread out  uniformly in  the final prover . Temperatures in Final prover  is about 38 deg c - 45 deg c. Humidity level and temperature maintained in such manner  that  yeast activity is maximum  in the final prover . Precautions need to be taken  so as to prevent  dough to rise above moulds . box or inversely the dough is left without rising . Speed of moulds travel in the prover  is either controlled through timers or through manual start and stop . Speed of travel of moulds are  to monitored with respect to rate of  dough yeast activity . Tray movement could be horizontal ( swing tray )  or  vertical ( Contray Oven ) . Approximately time for proving is  60- 75 min as per conditions . Final prover are mostly fabricated at site for large bread manufacturing  with drives and sprockets  to which racks are attached on which mould s are kept .With completion of  cycle in prover  the dough which is risen to 3/4 th mould is  then  transferred to oven for  baking .   Other popular type of prover are retarder prover . Capacities are matched with that of  Oven .

Its Boom Time For Biscuit Equipment Manufacturers In India

All major  biscuit manufacturer in India have declared their plan to go  for  major expansions.  We have been covering  news of  expansion report   for

Britannia Industries




Ravi Foods

Anmol  Biscuit

With  many investors and foreign players  also  scouting   to enter Indian biscuit market  demands for biscuit equipments would definitely  rise .Investment in Plant and Machinery  varies from Rs 5.0 crores to more than Rs20.0  crores .These capital  equipments  are custom  made and requires  lead time varying from 16 weeks  to 24 weeks .

 With such  higher number of expansion   biscuit equipment manufacturers can expect   large orders for  biscuit equipments  such as Mixers , Ovens , Bulk Handling system , Packing machines, Grinders & Belting  . India have flourishing   domestic biscuit equipment manufacturing  industry  with few big  equipments  manufacturers who  can  claim to be producing   good  quality equipments  which caters  to organised sector of biscuit market ( 25% of total biscuit production is in  organised sector ) .Few of them  are exporting equipments  to  African , Middle Eastern Countries , Asian , Eastern European , South American countries . Most of the  biscuit manufacturers buy from these domestic  equipment manufacturers  which provide reliable and low cost equipments in comparison to  imported  equipments . Main competition for  equipment comes from  German , American and Taiwanese Equipments .Versatile Biscuit plant which can produce both Hard and Short Dough types are in big demand .Biscuit equipment manufacturers have started providing automation  solution  with PLC 's  and  Softwares  thus  increasing productivity  of  the plant .

Few of Established  Biscuit  Equipments Manufacturers are

biscuit oven
Biscuit Plant and Equipments
  • New  Era  Machines
  • Prima Engineering 
  • Sunbeam Machines Indian P Ltd
  • Sarla  Industries
 Packing Machines
  • Multipack Systems Pvt Ltd 
  • Khosla Packaging Machines

Bulk Handling Sytem
  • Miranda Automation 
  • Rieco Industries
  • Indcon Projects
 Metal Detection

  • Technofour Electronics P Ltd .

  •  Kaps Engineers

Bakery Equipments - Rusk Manufacturing Equipments

Rusk , Rusk Manufacturing , Rusk  manufacturing equipments
Rusk s  are bread baked twice . This toasted  bread are popular in many countries  and people prefer to have it as tea time snacks  as well as  nourishing food for children .

Rusk has advantage of shelf life  as it can stored for longer time . Rusk are available in many shape and sizes  and flavours .

The Process of Rusk manufacturing starts  with  dough preparation in spiral mixer or kneader . followed by  dough feed and moulding . The dough is then  proofed  and baked in tin moulds .Once the baking is completed then these bread bars are cooled and then cut into slices .These slices are then  toasted  in a secondary baking process  and conveyed for packaging .

Following equipments  are used in Rusk Manufacturing

  • Spiral Mixers
  • Dough Divider
  • Hander Up ( coned shaped moulder )
  • Inter prover
  • Moulding
  • Final Prover
  • Baking oven  or Tunnel oven
  • Bread Depanner
  • Bread Cooling
  • Bread Slicer
  • Toast Oven
  • Product stacking
  • Packing Machine
More on  bakery  production  equipments

Biscuit  production line
Bread production line 
Cookies  production line
Wafer biscuit production line

Types Of Baking Oven

Baking ovens are major equipment  for  any bakery process  . Major function of baking oven is to  heat the wet dough ,batter  to  a temperature  where it becomes  baked with desired texture and taste . Baking removes  the moisture which helps in improving shelf life of the baked products plus it kills any microbes  in the dough at a higher temperature .Accessories to baking oven are  circulating fan , steam extraction , chimneys , safety explosion doors , fire tube , burners , drive ,temperature controller and indicators , fuel system with  baking moulds  and wire bands.Bakery ovens selection also take dimensions  into consideration such as height ,width , weight , chimney dimensions , foundation method  , electrical wiring and automation.Types of oven used in bakery are classified on several  factors .

Baking Ovens  are  of various types used for baking breads , cookies , biscuits , cakes ,pizza and cream rolls

Types of oven for baking  can be classified by

indsutrial baking oven s, types of industrial baking ovens , type of baking industrialPhysical  Characteristics


  • Direct  Heating ovens
  • Indirect  Heating Ovens
  • Hybrid Ovens


  • Top  Loading Ovens
  • Front Loading

Fuel  Used

  • Diesel  Ovens
  • Gas Ovens
  • Electric Ovens
  • Infra red

Wire Bands

Length or Width

  • 1.5 mtr  Band width Oven
  • 1.2mtr Band width Oven
  • 1.0 mtr Band width Oven
  • 0.8 mtr Band width Oven
  • 4/5/6/7/8 Zone Ovens

As Per Design

  • Mark III Oven
  • TRP   Ovens
  • Mark II  Ovens

Tension  Arrangement
  • Pneumatic
  • Mechanical

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Bakery Equipments - Bread Manufacturing

Bread manufacturing requires certain specific equipments and machinery to produce bread . Listed are equipments required for bread manufacturing in very large volumes .


Flour Handling system
Sugar Grinders

Mixers - Spiral

Prooving and Forming

Hander Up
Inter Proover and final proover
Mould trays

Cooling Racks


Packing Machine
Printing Machine

With other material handling equipments and utility

Bakery Equipment -Biscuit manufacturing

Biscuit manufacturing requires certain machinery and equipments for the process . These could be listed as per the different process.

Premixing Stage
Sugar grinder
Biscuit grinder
Bulk handling system for flour , sugar and fat
Bulk handling system for liquid

Mixing Stage

Forming Stage
Dough Elevators
Dough Distributors
Cutters or Moulders
Metal Detectors
Swivel Panner

Baking Stage

Packaging Stage
Magnetic Stacker
Metal detectors
Packing machines
Printing machines
Taping machines

Other equipments are needed for material handling , Pneumatic applications and Food safety in Bakery : Details on bakerybazar.com

Indian Top Bakery equipment manufacturers

As bakery industry in India poised for faster growth , the requirement for indigenous machinery has also increased . Bakery Industry has been sourcing its requirement from countries like USA,Germany , UK ,France , Italy .
Few Foreign Bakery equipment brands which are popular in Indian Bakery Industry are

Indian bakery equipment manufacturing is in its nascent phase .The investment and R&D inputs are very low .Quality and service level are far below world class.Still few companies have marked their presence in Bakery Industry. Few of them are listed below


There are numerous opportunities for bakery equipment manufacturers to produce
equipments which can compete for international markets .

What makes bakery product popular

bakery product are becoming more popular now days because of varieties available due to technological advancement and packaging certain categories of bakery product has distinct advantage of shelf life , it has been found that baked goods have shelf life of minimum of six months .
Long Shelf of bakery product like biscuits and cookies had made them popular to armed forces /sailors in earlier days .

Other advantages are that it can be fortified and other ingredients can be topped or mixed it with it . Cakes and breads can easily be prepared in homes in micro oven . The basic raw material the flour is easily available in grocery also the other products like sugar , salts ,baking soda etc .

Bakery products are all weather , all gender , all classes and any time snacks .
Thus its makes them best food category in entire range

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