". Bakery Industry: United Biscuits Targets Zero Waste To Landfill For All Its Unit

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United Biscuits Targets Zero Waste To Landfill For All Its Unit

Zero  waste  from  food processing units requires efforts , technology and concerns from top management  for  sustainable growth  helping in waste reduction and environmental conservations. It covers zero emissions , zero effluent discharge and zero food waste from manufacturing unit  .In most of the cases we find that manufacturers pay for services to dump waste to landfil.  UB   has always being first  to address these issues . Great role model for  other manufacturers to take the lead .

A report .
United Biscuits (UB), makers of snacks including McVitie’s, Hula Hoops, KP, McCoy’s and Jacob’s has today announced that four of its 14 UK sites are now sending zero waste to landfill.

The sites at Hayes, Consett, Rotherham and Ashby achieved zero waste to landfill by maximising their recycling efforts, reducing the amount of waste being brought in to the business, and having any residual waste that could not be recycled normally incinerated to create energy. UB announced last year that it had achieved its target of zero food waste to landfill by 2010 a year early - and after achieving a 44% reduction in non-food waste to landfill in 2009, UB brought forward its target of zero non-food waste to landfill to 2012, from the original deadline of 2015.

With four sites now sending zero waste to landfill, and an overall reduction of 55% in non-food waste to landfill across the UK business last year, UB is well on its way to meeting its 2012 target.
Key highlights last year in UB’s programme to reduce waste to landfill include:

- Increasing recycling volumes by 19%
- Improving the recycling percentage to 95% in 2010 compared to 70% in 2009.
- Decreasing landfill volumes by 1,274 tonnes (down 55%).

United Biscuits
 Not only these programs conserve resources but also save cost in operations .
Great work from United Biscuits   .Its now upto consumers  to encourage  such manufacturers  

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