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Cookies Vs Gazak's -Winter Does Have Impact On Sales Of Biscuits

While taking my daily dose of  Gazaks( sesame mashed with jaggery)  , Raibari ( sesame with jaggery)  and Gur Ki Patti ( peanuts with jaggery) , Chikki , Til ki patti and  relishing parathas ( Indian non leavened bread with oil spread on surface )   for morning break fast  I was  wondering whether this  change of  eating habit in winter  has  any impact on  sale of  biscuits and cookies  which  are popular snacking and any time food  for millions of Indian house holds . Only  hot Pizza's have been able to hold ground as  favorite bakery product in winters for Kids .

Personally my house hold intake of baked goods does see a   change in favour  of  these winter delicacies of Gazaks , Til-Patti , Methi ke Ladoos , Gur Ki Patti  for snacking and Paranthas instead  of ever  preferred  morning break fast  sandwiches .

Talking to retailers   I found  that they all agreed to fact that the sale of biscuits and cookies have seen fall a of 5- 10%  at their stores . People prefer these seasonal products which have added  health advantage .Sales picks up only after winter is  over

Digging more into  these road side vendors  business who are seen every where during winter seasons stationed in all major localities.Preparations are done in two - three month in advance  to prepare these varieties and then distributed  to either wholesaler who sell by stacking up all these products in bags or sacks, Jars  for sale .Cart vendors  buy  these products  to sell  them  to different locality of the city .Season start from month of December and ends by  February . Selling price  for these product are  Rs 120- Rs 200 / Kg . They  claim to  make profits  in range  30 - 40%  for these product .Major raw material required are peanuts , sesame seeds , sugar and  jaggery. Products of various shape and flavour could be found with these road side vendors such  rolls , squares and triangular gazaks  with flavours of  jeera (cummins seed) ,sounf ( fennel seeds) , dessicated coconut  and dry fruits.

Many entrepreneurs  had made fortune by catching up with these trends as they pack and market these products to supermarket , mall and food stores  . Every sweet shop of repute starts promoting their own product for this season . Most of these items  are into non - branded categories except for few pan India brands such as Haldi Rams  Gazak .

 Local  biscuit and cookies manufactures have tried to cater this market with cookies with sesame seeds and peanuts . Can expect manufacturers to innovate and produce some of these  products .

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