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Quality Parameters For Bakery Manufacturing Process

Quality of food product is  a serious business . Its more critical  in food processing than any other industry as it impact consumers  health and well being .Have you ever imagined  the  quality products available  on the shelf in our neighbourhood  store are result  of  quality  inspection s, test/trials , several checks  through out the entire supply chain  of the bakery product  . Quality parameters  for which  the company or the manufacturers lay downs standards has to be  compatible  with  local  authorities standards/international standards  .Quality  comes from  stringent adherence to standards during entire supply  chain right  from vendors manufacturing base, sanitation /hygiene  till  retailers shelf .

Here  are  Quality  factors  which  has  to be monitored  to get quality bakery  product

Raw material  / Ingredients  /Packaging material

Physical state  such as  wetness  ,smell or  contamination  etc
Gluten %
Bacterial  count  or  load
Foreign body contamination's  for  flour /fat/sugar
Weight  & Quantity  of  raw materials
Shelf life 
Manufacturing date  or the  Shelf life  of the ingredients  delivered by vendors
Bursting strength
Packaging details
Sanitation and hygiene standards
Cold room temperatures
Trans fat

Production & Packaging  stage 

Dough consistency
Ingredient Storage temperatures
Mixing Time
Fermentation/Standing Time 
Temperature during mixing
Dough Temperature
Dividing weights
Wet weight and Dry weights of the bakery product  during process
Proving Time
Baking time
Baking temperatures 
Dimensions  after baking
Sensory  checks 
Packaging details on labels
Sealing during packing process
Packing defects 
Under or excess weights
Functionality of  metal detectors
Upkeep of  machinery 
Audits  for  food safety management systems  like  HACCP , BRC , ISO  etc

Storage &  Transportation  (  Factory  /Warehouse/Retailers )

Pallets used  for  storage
Stack height  as per standards
Safe  Containers for  transhipment's
Secondary packaging  or  extra  padding through separators or dispensers


Sensory  evaluations  feed back
Shelf Life
Storage standards
Contamination during transhipment
Consumer  Complaints
Recall system in case of food safety issue

There are several   tools and methods  employed by  manufacturers  to  achieve  quality  standards , In addition to  food safety management systems .

Bread quality issues


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