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Engineering Services Required For Medium To Large Bakeries

Engineering services are required  to run the plant and machinery's of bakery plants 24x7x365  .Every plant or factory have their own  engineering dept which looks after critical operations and does the routine ,preventive and break down maintenance . It also does  few development jobs  as well as under takes  new  project  or expansion  job . Engineering dept  ensures minimum downtime  as well as modification jobs . With outsourcing as  a cost  reduction strategies for bakeries ,  few of these services are now being done through contractors or companies  on  annual  maintenance contracts . It does have few advantages  as well disadvantages  .

Advantages of  Engineering services out sourced

  • Cost Savings due to low manpower on company rolls.
  • Numbers of technician can be increased or decreased any time .
  • Overheads like insurance and other liabilities on contractors .
  • Cost savings on hiring and training cost
Disadvantages  of  Engineering services out sourced

  • Employee turn over are very high  at contractors end 
  • Skills  not  as per company standards
  • High absenteeism observed in such kind of  contracts .
  • Might incur  major loss due  to negligence .

Here are  few   non -critical engineering services which  can be easily outsource  without impacting performance of  Plant

  • Fire Safety equipments  maintenance and service ( Fire hydrant system , fire alarms , smoke detectors , extinguishers etc)
  • Air conditioning & refrigeration  equipments and service ( Chilling plants , cold rooms , freezers , a/c plants )
  • Utilities  maintenance and service (  Cooling towers ,Air compressors , DG Sets , Effluent treatment plants, pumps  )
  • Civil  construction and maintenance
  • Plumbing and pipeline jobs
  • Machining /Fabrication jobs - ( Workshop related jobs )
  • General  Electrical jobs
  • Maintenance jobs for  material handling ( Fork lifts , Pallet trucks , hoists , trolleys )
  • PCB  repairs
  • Motor  rewinding
  • Printer maintenance and repairs
  • Weighing  scale repair and maintenance
  • Boiler or hot water generator maintenance and repair

Large bakeries opt  for  outsourcing these services  to  save cost  on manpower .

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