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Select Your Laminator s As Per Requirement

Laminators  are  critical component of  any hard dough or  cracker biscuit line  . Laminators  are  required to  create   dough laminates  to be cut  into  sheets  which are further reduced  into  leaner  sheets  in  steps  thus providing bite and texture  to biscuits . Laminator's  can be selected on basis  of 

Capacities  - No of sheets per min or per hour

Dimensions - Length x width  of  dough  sheet

Orientation - Vertical  Or   Horizontal

Vertical  Laminator

Infeed of   dough  is  on the  top rollers  placed  horizontally  with cutting of  sheet  done before small inclined  conveyor   on a small platform .

Horizontal  Laminator
Height  of the  laminator is smaller than the vertical laminator with two sets of roller for lamination of dough sheet . Cutting of sheet is done  on  a reciprocating  platform  larger than the vertical laminator . Horizontal sheet  larger area or space then vertical laminator .But  if we consider maintenance of the laminator . Horizontal laminator are better option than  the vertical laminator .Vertical laminator are installed where space is the contrain plus when  dough feeding is  done from  different floors ie at certain height .

Smaller bakeries have  Dough sheeter instead of  laminators .

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