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Hebenstreit GmbH - World major bakery equipment manufacturer - A profile

Hebenstreit Gmbh   have been serving world bakery industry  for long . It has installation across the globe and  bakery equipments have been installed in numerous bakeries in world . Hebenstreit GmbH has 100 years of history  for bakery equipment s . It has dominant market share for hollow and flat wafer biscuit equipments . Hebenstreit  have been pioneer in bakery technologies  its manufacturing expertise and  services  had made  them  world leader in  wafers bakery equipments .World over manufacturers prefer Hebenstreit wafer manufacturing technology .
Founded in 1898 in Radebeul near Dresden, Hebenstreit  has been based in Frankfurt am Main since 1950, and since 1978 in Moerfelden-Walldorf.

Flat and Hollow  wafer plant

Hebenstreit GmbH   market leading in wafer manufacturing equipment with 100 years experience of the specialist needs of high-output plant bakeries producing a wide product range.Wafer production plant offered by Hebenstreit consists of 
Automatic wafer baking machine -ovens
Wafer sheet  coolers
Wafer sheet conditioner
Wafer spreading machine
Wafer sandwich cooler
Wafer cutting machine
Wafer automatic feeding machine
 Special equipments
 Batter production plant
 Cream production plant
Compact wafer production plant

After  Sales  Service

Hebenstreit   takes complete project from design to commissioning stage  from  customer . through their Aftermarket services  from Germany  based centre .  Hebenstreit  provides excellent support in terms of spares for their equipments such as  spares  for wafer ovens  , creaming and cutting block , service contracts . It has service partners  in  Asia , Europe , Africa ,America and Australia.


Hessenring 16
64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf
 Telephone: +49 (0) 6105 202-0
Telefax: +49 (0) 6105 202-190
 E-Mail: info@hebenstreit.de

Gartenstraße 68
01445 Radebeul / Dresden
 Telephone: +49 (0) 351 8312-0
Telefax: +49 (0) 351 8312-350

E-Mail: info@hebenstreit.de

web : www.hebenstreit.de


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