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Industrial Sewing Machine For Conveyors

Most of Indian biscuit manufacturer use  cotton conveyors  for their   conveyor  requirements  and with  time these  cotton conveyors  get worn out and start  tearing   apart  at various places  , thus  conveyor web related break down  are  very  high  in  such  biscuit  unit. Stitching  of web  is time consuming if done manually .

Solution  to these  problem   have been  tackled by  following steps .

Preventive maintenance method  where by a dedicated  web inspection team is formed to monitor the health of conveyors and immediate action is taken to prevent further  damage

Replacement  done irrespective  of  cotton web condition  after  deciding  the life of conveyor .ie  12 months, 18 months etc.

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To reduce the time taken to  repair the damaged cotton web , industrial sewing machines are now being introduced to stitch the worn out  cotton conveyors  as  manual stitching takes more time . Industrial sewing machines are motorised and  need  a platform  to perform the operations in less time . The quality of job obtained from  these machines  is  good in comparison to manual stitching as the threads generally do not come out in  case of job done through  industrial sewing machine.

One of the most popular industrial sewing machine  which have found application in biscuit industry is  "JUKI"  sewing machines , it has wide range of industrial sewing machine to cater various application in biscuit industry .

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