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Principles of Hot Melt Touch Dry Printing In Bakeries

ink rolls  , ink rolls for coding , hot ink roll propertiesHot ink rolls are popular method of printing in bakeries  mostly used by  products which are packed by horizontal flow wrap machines and vertical form fill machines.Ink roll sizes are selected as per the  sizes of characters and space utilised by the labels on the product pack . These ink rolls are placed on coders which makes contact with  brass characters placed on type holders  . Used to create labels such as production date , price and batch codes .Maximum rows could be of three to four  of labels with pre defined size of  alphabet or number . These brass characters  are also of two different type  as per printing arrangement of coders such as  axial  or radial .

Other form of printings include  ink jet printing and thermal tape printing

Principle  of  Hot Melt  Touch Dry  Printing
These ink rolls  are  soaked and dried  with  printing ink  which on  heating releases molten ink which gets stuck  into the brass character  and when deposited on cool packing film solidifies are thus we get printing for packs.
These characters  then  creates prints   on  pre  set  coding  space for  labels . Ink rolls  are of different sizes depending on  application and no of characters needs to be printed some popular sizes are 36 mm x32 mm , 40 x32 mm , 38 x32 mm . Colors of Ink rolls  also varies as per requirement you can get black,green,red and white ink rolls .Quality of Ink rolls are classified as per no of impression or life on ink rolls . Depending on the usage the no of impression for normal ink rolls . On average it should have life of something between 80,000 to 100,000 impression .

Cost saving ideas on Ink Rolls

  • Recycle used ink rolls through  dipping these used rolls into ink and then drying it to be ready for re use.
  • Cutting the ink rolls in middle are placing  these part with reversed side .

Please check the quality of print before you implement these ideas .

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