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Types Of Dough Tipping Device

Several types of  Dough Tilters or  Dough Tipping device  can  be  used  for  dough feeding systems in bakeries . Dough tilting is required to  transfer  dough  from  Dough bowl  after mixing  to next stage , it could be   Diving for Bread or  Laminating  for  biscuits  or  Depositors in cookies production .Major mechanism  for dough tilters   is either hydraulic  , screw   and  chain type.

 Following   Different   Types  Dough  Tilters

Combination of mixer  alongwith  Dough Tilter
Inclined chain types dough  tilters
Straight Lead  Screw types tilters
Inclinded  Lead Screw type tilters
Moving type -on the wheel dough tilters

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