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Why Water Is Critical For Bakery Operations

Water  apart   from  being  an important  ingredient in all  bakery recipe has  other functions in bakery  to perform in bakery units

Role of water  as ingredient

Helps in developing  gluten in mixing
Forms  emulsion alongwith  fat
Forming Solutions for  better mixing
Give moisture to end product  for better  taste
Helps  in fermentation

Type of  water

Treated water from  Municipality
Under ground water from bore well

Quantity  and  Quality  of  water  are critical for better end  product . Quantity  of water  are  impacted by quality of flour and other ingredients where as quality can be checked through lab analysis of water characterisitics and  adhering of  standard water quality prescribed by authorities such as hardness , microbiological counts and heavy metal presence .

For  potable water  in bakery  .Reference  has  to be  BIS standard

Other Usage  Of Water In Bakeries

Temperature control
Water is circulated  in mixer jackets  or added to control  dough temperatures
Steam is generated  to provide  temp and humidity during proving which  increases or decreases fermentation time .

Used  in large  quantity  to clean floors  and utensils  in  bakeries . CIP are  done  for liquid handling systems .Plastic trays and pallets  are washed and cleaned by water .

Utility  functions
Hot water generators
Chilling Plants
Cooling towers

Water  treating plants
To  get  water of desired properties bakeries do install  water treatment plant  such  as RO systems . Filters  can be used  at end use of water in process to prevent contamination.

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