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Type Of Material Handling Conveyors In Bakeries

Bakeries   have lot many material handling conveyors used to transfer raw material , packing material and  baked products to be transfered from one place to another . A  good layout and selection of conveyors can optimize production  ,save time and reduce cost .

Here are few material ahndling conveyors  which are used in bakeries for various application

Roller conveyors 
This type of  conveyors have rollers  which are used to carry cotton conveyors through drive rollers and idle rollers the frame  are made up of  ms steel . Main drive is connected to drive roller either through sprockets and chain or directly driven by geared motors  Mostly used in biscuit plant
Screw conveyors/ flexible conveyors
Mostly used in raw material handling in bulk . Sugar and flour  could be transfered from  hopper to mixers through screw conveyors .

Bucket conveyors
Used for ingredient handling  and where operations are at  height  involving floors in bakery processing units .

Gravity conveyors
Used mostly in packing halls  to transfer filled cartons to the warehouse

Pneumatic conveyors
Used to handle flour  in bulk  to transfer flour from sifters to silos in bakery plants  . Air is blown to the pipe to carry the flour to silos with air being sent by  roots blower

Slat conveyors
To carry hot moulds in bread and cake plants .easy to dismantle and repair 

Chain conveyors
 Chain conveyors are most common type of conveyors are used from use to carry moulds to large chain convetors  carrying  flour bags /sugar bags/ingredients in bags. Small chain s  to large chain  with big sprockets are used for these conveyors to carry loads .

Band conveyors
These kind of conveyors are used  to carry wet dough into  tunnel ovens for baking . Can be of perforated or solid type  as per requirement.

Flexible  conveyors 
Adjustable conveyors   which can be expanded  or  compressed  as per requirement , used to transfer  cartons  from or to the containers 

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