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Khajurico Cookies - Nepalese Biscuit

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Fab! Cream Biscuit From Parle

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 Parle  has been launching  premium biscuits  in regular interval to catch the swing  in consumer taste for cream biscuits . Fab ! is one of them ,  branded as an extension of Hide and Seek choco chip s variety
parle cream biscuits , parle hide and seek , parle orange cream biscuits, parle fab biscuit

parle cream biscuits , parle hide and seek , parle orange cream biscuits, parle fab biscuit

Britannia Ropes In Ex-Pepsico Boss As Its New COO

Britannia Industries Ltd  , India 's major  biscuit manufacturer  has roped in ex -pepsico  boss  Mr  Varun Berry  as its  new Chief Operating Officer . (COO)

This  steps  comes as  an attempt   to handle fierce competition in biscuit  segment  worth Rs 6000 crore   witnessing  new  players  such as Kraft , United Biscuit  and Glaxo smithkline   launching  number of biscuit brands  thus impacting Britannia's  share in biscuit category . Britannia and Parle has been competing with each other  for the leadership in this  segment .

Parle  has recently  seen significant drop its main product  " parle-g " glucose biscuit  where as  Britannia now faces onslaught from new entrant on its  main segment of  premium biscuits.

Mr Varun Berry  has  recently  resigned from CEO post of  Pepsico food business  apart from this  Mr Varun Berry has held different responsibility  for  tea , juice  and dairy .

Mr Varun Berry has been instrumental  in putting Pepsico spirited defence of its  snacking brands Frito -lay against local brands such as Bikanerwala, Balaji and A-top .Britannia thus has declared its intention  to take  competition head on with re jigging its management team under CEO Ms Vinita Bali.

Mr Varun Berry as COO for Britannia would  result in Mr Neeraj Chandra  the present  COO to be shifted to head  new business development  and Mr Vinod Menon to be made CFO

source : ET 

E commerce Site Helps Bakeries In Getting Sales

E commerce  has contributed  to economies of countries , with spread  of   internet  and mobile technology   which have  brought  bakery  stores  on finger  tips of  consumer .Also availability  of  internet banking , visa  mastercard  online  and paypal  payments made  these kind transactions popular among tech savvy consumers .

Large  ecommerce stores  like  are  promoting  sellers product on their site  with nation presence  with  taking care of  entire logistics  of delivering products to buyer .Western countries have numerous  ecommerce sites for baked goods   but here in  India  its  in the nascent stage  with few sites  which caters  for  exclusive bakery products on pan  India reach .

Most e commerce sites  place baked items with other  gift or food products hence  range of products are very  much restricted .Specail precautions  are  required for bakery product  transportation  such as  packaging and shelf life .Online stores have tough competition from live bakeries and neighborhood bakeries for fresh baked products .

Here  are  few   e commerce sites for bakery products

Putting products on ecommerce sites
Simplest and easiest way  is  to put your products  on these merchant sites  which would create  online stores for you  which can be branded and marketed  for sales . This options in best start up bakeries  and small bakeries as they need not  to pay  for the up keep of this  kind of  online stores  . Charges for payment process and logistic service provider .

Creating own ecommerce site

Few  bakery product manufacturers have launched  their own  e commerce sites  for  online ordering  eg monginis
own site   results  better  branding and have loyalties from customer . Of course  bakeries need to have dedicated  employees for  e commerce  site management .

Requirement for E commerce sites

Product catalogue
Invoice generation
Logisitcs of delivering producst to the customer
Order tracking
Customer Complaints and refund

please  add if  you  checked  any other  bakery  eCommerce  site

Good Manufacturing Practices In Bakery RM/PM/FG Stores

Here  are few check list and guidelines for better Good manufacturing  practices for stores and warehouse for  raw material ( RM ) , packing material (PM)  and  finished  good ( FG ) in  bakeries


1.      Vehicle  condition is inspected  for incoming  raw material  . Check whether  material  are covered with traupalin  in case of  open trucks .  For container check the floor and  sides for any cracks .
2.      All  material are visually inspected  before unloading  
3.       Usage of hooks  are avoided
4.       Bags  to be  kept on plastic pallets 
5.       Material kept  away from wall atleast 24”
6.       Materials  are kept  properly identified  for status and name  
7.       Materials  are  shifted on trolleys and are not dragged on floor
8.       Insecticutors  are functioning 
9.       Air curtains are working when  doors are open
10.   Loading and unloading doors ae closed when  there is no material movement  
11.   Floor is clean
12.   Oil  tins  are  cleaned  and then issued for production 
13.   Seals on cans  and drums  to be removed  before  material issue
14.   No spillage  of  ingredients on floor 
15.   FIFO followed  while  issuing material
16.   Cold stores  temperature  are measured  and recorded  
17.   All ingredients  are monitored for shelf life
18.   Condition of weighing  balances 
19.   Cleaning schedules  related to stores  are followed
20.   Window  meshes are  clean 
21.   Rejected  material s  are stored  distinctly  with  proper identification

1.       Stacking :  All units are  to be stacked  neatly  and variety wise and batch wise as per norms
2.       All windows and entilators  to wire meshed 
3.       Minimum 2ft gap  between  stack lots for movement
4.       Vehicles for  dispatch should clean and free from foreign  odour  and base  platform  should be covered  by traupalins 
5.       CBBS  are  not thrown  and are handled softly with manual laoding . stacked in trucks  should  be as per norms
6.       Finished  goods  are not to be  transported  with other material  having  strong odour  or  are toxic in nature 
7.       Rain  shelter  is provided  for  trucks
8.       Covered containers  to  be preferred over  open trucks
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