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Britannia's Croissant Now Available In Groceries

Britannia  Croissant
Britannia  Croissant

 Britannia last year had a joint venture  with  Chipita  - a  Greek company to  manufacture  croissant  in India . Long-awaited launch is over and croissant is now available in  major metros of India. 

Croissant,s  are  French bread made up of butter with cream-filled inside. It can be eaten with  jam or  coffee

The factory is installed at the Ranjangaon, Maharashtra.  Process of installation of the machine , trials have been completed and the product is commercially launched. Britannia treat croissant are now available in two variety of vanilla and chocolate flavors.

Croissants fill the gap for snacking on the go and is  liked by all from kids  to old generation . Its soft hence very popular with the older  generation. Can be a good replacement for breakfast. 

Britannia is trying to brand croissants in India which is produced by local bakeries. The market is estimated to be Rs 150 crores by industry experts. Britannia is already a major player in bakery products in India  with brands like  Good day, Marie Gold, Nutrichoice, Fifty - Fifty , Treat and dairy products thus has added croissants in its list of baked products.Britannia  is trying to  add other food categories for   growth outside bakery products .


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