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Britannia's Croissant Now Available In Groceries

Britannia  Croissant
Britannia  Croissant

 Britannia last year had a joint venture  with  Chipita  - a  Greek company to  manufacture  croissant  in India . Long-awaited launch is over and croissant is now available in  major metros of India. 

Croissant,s  are  French bread made up of butter with cream-filled inside. It can be eaten with  jam or  coffee

The factory is installed at the Ranjangaon, Maharashtra.  Process of installation of the machine , trials have been completed and the product is commercially launched. Britannia treat croissant are now available in two variety of vanilla and chocolate flavors.

Croissants fill the gap for snacking on the go and is  liked by all from kids  to old generation . Its soft hence very popular with the older  generation. Can be a good replacement for breakfast. 

Britannia is trying to brand croissants in India which is produced by local bakeries. The market is estimated to be Rs 150 crores by industry experts. Britannia is already a major player in bakery products in India  with brands like  Good day, Marie Gold, Nutrichoice, Fifty - Fifty , Treat and dairy products thus has added croissants in its list of baked products.Britannia  is trying to  add other food categories for   growth outside bakery products .

Britannia Brings Biscotti -Cake As Biscuit

Biscotti  from Britannia Industries ltd
Britannia  has launched  cake in biscuit characteristic named  ''Biscotti' , a novel experiment  where consumer  can have flavour of both biscuit and cake , even we can compare it  to rusk flavored as cake .  Britannia  and other  major biscuit manufacturers have realized that  premium products  could lead to better sales and margins , Today consumers are ready to experiment new categories  and products  which might be costlier but with higher delicacy.Its intersting  to see that  biscuit manufacturers are  developing new varities  in biscuit categories  with flavours like  zeera , cheese , fenugreek seeds , oats , raggi , atta  etc .

Good Day - Brand Going Strong

Good Day  Cookies   from  Britannia  Industries  is  second largest  brand of biscuit  sold in India   the sales turnover is estimated to be Rs 1500 crore . This  single brand of biscuit  is second most popular brand after  Parle - G   and is still growing with  new set s of packaging and flavor . It started the concept of Indulgence in biscuit  industry .

It all started with   Britannia  team  launching  indulgence  biscuits market in 1986  where people were  either have been  fed with glucose varieties  or  some  type of cream biscuit  from  local bakeries . Good  day  bridged the gap of  these two varieties . Cookies were only available with local bakers Britannia grabed this opportunity  and launched nation wide  packed cookies and aptly named it  Good day .  The butter variety hit  the bulls eyes and was instant hit  with the masses . Later  it had new avatars  with  pista , cashew and chocolate version .

Crispy and crunchy   cookies was  lapped by all  and rest  is the story .  Britannia under  pressure from high cost of ingredients  have changed its  recipe and prices but  still  Good Day  cookies are favorite for  every one .

Read more on  Good Day  brand  as told  by   Mr  Alagh  former CEO of Britannia -The  man responsible for the success of  Good Day  Brand

Indulgence over 25 years- news story in the hindu


Britannia To Launch Honey Oats Vita Marie

Britannia is targeting urban women who are now more concerned about healthy lifestyle  with new product launch of Vita Marie Honey Oats  . Also was the decision of  Britannia to set up  manufacturing unit and R&D centre near Bangalore  in news

A report

Targeting the health-conscious consumers in urban areas, Britannia Industries has launched Vita Marie Honey Oats biscuits.

With this low-fat, cholesterol-free biscuit brand, the company enters the adult health and wellness food segment, which is worth Rs 5,000 crore and growing at 25 per cent per annum, according to Anuradha Narasimhan, category director (health and wellness), Britannia Industries Ltd.

She said it would be a healthier option for the health-conscious adults, especially women, as a tea time biscuit. The company expects a portion of the current consumers of its Marie brand to switch over to the product and would target the major cities as potential market.

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Britannia Industries Sued By Kraft Food For Treat -O biscuit .

US-based packaged food maker Kraft Foods on Tuesday sued Nusli Wadia-owned Britannia Industries for trademark and copyright violations of its popular Oreo cookies.

In a suit filed in the Delhi High Court , Kraft said Britannia’s recently-introduced Treat-O biscuit is a copy of its cream-filled sandwich cookies.

The US firm has also sought an injunction to prevent Britannia from manufacturing, selling, marketing or advertising any product with any distinctive element of Oreo cookies.

A Britannia spokesman refused comment saying the company has not received any communication on the issue so far.

This is the second instance in four years when Britannia has been involved in a legal tussle with a multinational food company over trademark. It was, however, playing the role of a plaintiff in 2007 when it had dragged French food giant Danone to a Singapore court alleging trademark infringement of its Tiger biscuit. Subsequently, Danone ended its joint venture with Britannia and set up an independent company in India.

In its suit, a copy of which was reviewed by ET, Kraft has sought damages for infringement of trademark and copyright, passing off and unfair competition of its ‘globally reputed’ Oreo brand of cookies.

Oreo was registered in India in 1991 and is being imported and sold in the country ever since.

Kraft said the Indian bakery and dairy products maker has copied the specific design etchings, such as florets and inner rings, of Oreo cookies. The company refers to the design etchings as ‘Oreo cookie trade dress’.

“The lining on Britannia’s product, inner rings and florets and their placement on the product are identical to the original Oreo cookies,” Kraft said in the suit.

It also alleged that the brand name, Treat-O, with an emphasis on ‘O’, is inspired by Oreo.

Kraft’s lawsuit against Britannia comes at a time it is exploring options to locally manufacture and sell biscuits in the `11,000-crore Indian biscuit market.


Britannia Taps Baked Snacks Market With Time Pass

Pic courtesy : afaqs.com
Biscuit major Britannia has ventured into the fairly new baked snacks category, launching a baked wheat snack called Time Pass targeted at the youth. The company claims that the wheat product is free from trans fat, MSG and cholesterol.

The snack is being made available in three flavours - Mindless Masala, Tapori Tomato and Loafer Lemon - at two price points, Rs 5 and Rs 10. Since it is targeted at the youth, the brand has adopted a language that is not pretentious and appeals to the youth. Time Pass aims to participate in the banter of youth and makes 'doing nothing' a legitimate option.

Interestingly, Britannia usually communicates with housewives or children. The youth is a new target group that the company is speaking to in this communication. It has chosen the radio route, which allows interactivity as the youth can easily connect with radio and music.

R Balakrishnan (Balki), chairperson and chief creative officer, Lowe Lintas, who conceptualised the campaign, says, "The attempt with Time Pass was to introduce an exciting offering in Britannia's snacking portfolio of 'delectables' for the youth - a brand that is an anti-thesis to the mindless rat race. It is dismissive, indifferent, irreverent - a way of life."

Britannia isn't the first to launch baked snacks. Companies such as Parle forayed into this market with the Aamir Khan-endorsed Smart Chips, and later, Parle Agro launched its brand of baked snacks, Hippo.Frito Lays  Aliva, ITC  Bingo

Shalini Degan, category director (delight and lifestyle), Britannia Industries, speaking on tackling competition in the category, says, "Baked snacks are a very new and nascent category in the Rs 6200 crore Indian snacking market and will obviously see a slew of launches one after another. However, the leader will be the one that is able to delight consumers with taste and is able to connect and satisfy them using this new technology effectively."

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Britannia To Increase Rural Retail Visibility Through Marketing Agency

Britannia Industries Ltd  India's Largest  Biscuit Manufacturer  has  turned  their marketing focus  to rural segment of the market . Having  stiff competition in metro s  Britannia  is trying new segments  to improve their  sales . Hitherto  rural  markets  have been mostly  catered by  regional  and local bakeries . Britannia now with Percept Out of Home is trying to increase their rural visibility across retail .

Britannia Industries has appointed Percept Out Of Home to execute the Rural Retail Visibility drive for their new range of cookies “Britannia cookies” across India. The activity has been executed across the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa, Assam and six more North Eastern states. The campaign started in the month of September 2010 and will be rolling on till mid-October 2010.

Percept Out Of Home joined hands with rural retailers and installed tin plates across 22,000 retail outlets including Kirana stores, Bakeries and Tea Stalls. Spot selections were done on the basis of maximum visibility and appeal. Percept Out Of Home was assigned the task to connect with retailers and provide long lasting visibility solutions to the brand Britannia.

Said Mr. Rajesh Amla – Business Head, Rural Vertical, Percept Out Of Home, “Percept Out of Home is focusing into the FMCG sector in a big way in order to expand its presence in the rural markets as a service provider. Britannia Industries has empanelled Percept as one of their agencies to support their various rural and retail initiatives across India, and have ambitious plans in this area. Percept Out of Home’s south regional office located in Bangalore is servicing the account. The ongoing campaigns of Britannia have further demonstrated our ability to deliver creative and innovative solutions across diverse markets.”

Source :www.medianewsline.com

Vinita Bali -CEO Britannia Speaks On Indian Biscuit Market

Britannia CEO   Speaks  to TOI  

Britannia Industries top boss Vinita Bali is unfazed. Competitors might be nibbling away at the biscuit major's offerings, but Bali is only intent on heaping more on the plate. For her, differentiation is the key to unlocking value. Beating biscuit major Parle in volume terms does not figure in her scheme of things. Bali feels Parle is not even worthy of an acquisition, since she insists it doesn't bring anything to the table that Britannia doesn't have.

Britannia, the crown jewel in the Wadia empire, had started drifting without proper leadership. Bali stepped in to rectify the score in 2004 and doubled the company's sales in five years. For this tough cookie, dubbed a 'turnaround expert' by her peers, it was a challenge. Unwilling to crumble, she took it head on. Just over five years into her journey as MD, Bali is focusing on the basics — selling cookies in a jar, the way her mother would present them to her as a kid. After all, as she tells Namrata Singh & Amrita Nair-Ghaswalla, the turnaround story has just begun.

It's been five years since you took over as CEO. Have you achieved what you had set out to achieve?

If you ask me whether I've achieved what I set out to achieve, then the answer would be yes and no. But if we talk about what we've achieved, we've got a company which is twice the size it was five years ago. It has an international footprint which it didn't have. It has a globally integrated dairy business that is profitable, which was not the case earlier. And we've now got international recognition. Britannia is rated as the number 1 or 2 brand in the country. We've also got a portfolio which is much stronger. We started with six power brands...we've added a seventh. In the dairy sector today, we have almost 50% market share of cheese. We've taken trans fats out of our products. This is a change in the frontline of the business, it is a change in the way we go-to-market, it is a change in our own thinking, it is an evolution, about the purpose of our business and what we do and it is about adding more health and nutrition.


Britannia launches Bakers Pride in Qatar

 baker prides , khimji ramdas , britannia baker prides , baker prides from oman
Bakers Pride is a major brand of cookies in gulf and middle eastern countries .Bakers Pride has been launched in Qatar by Britannia Industries Ltd a major biscuit manufacturer in India . Earlier Bakers Pride was owned by K R Group of Companies. In 2007 Britannia bought this company from KR group and now its 100% subsidiary of Britannia Industries Ltd , India . Qatar Distributors are Ali Bin Ali Group, one of Qatar’s largest retail and distribution companies.

Qatari biscuit market is estimated to be around USD 30.0million and average biscuit consumption is 0.5 kg per capita . Britannia s see huge opportunity of promoting its biscuit in Qatar.The Baker’s Pride indulgent range of cookies includes Danish, butter, chocolate, double chocolate chip cookies and the newly introduced Baker’s Pride shortbread available in different sizes varying from 100 grams to specially designed tins in 400 grams.

Baker sPride brand covers products like Chocolates , Fruit rolls , Cookies and is manufactured at Sohar factory in sultanate of Oman called Al Sallan Foods Company .

Recently the Bakers Pride packaging and brands has been re launched through major change in design and logo by none other than by internationally acclaimed designer Jane Thorn, who has been involved with names such as Sainsbury’s and Heinz, to align the packaging with the new Baker’s Pride brand.

NABIL or National Biscuit Industries are the main competitor in Oman .

Source :ThePenisularQatar .com

Britannia post 11% increase in net profit- Q2 results

Britannia s net profit after tax has increased by 10.8 % to Rs 59.1 crore in Q2 in comparison to same results in Q2.last year . Even with spiralling prices for raw material company with its prudent revenue management skill managed to post increase in profit . Britannia launched smaller packs of Rs 5.00 along with new variants in nutrichoice and marie . It also relaunched its dairy business with launch of UTH milk and flavoured milk .Britannia is a major player in bakery and dairy product market in India .

Read details

Britannia 's Nutrichoice 5 grains biscuit- Product review

britannia nutrichoice , 5 grain nutrichoice , nutrichoice , 5 grains nutrichoice
Britannia has launched a new variant biscuit under its Nutri choice brand called 5 grain. (Launched in end of last year ).Britannia which has declared health and nutrition as its one of the major focus to drive consumers for healthy eating .

Nutrichoice 5 grain cosnsists following Major ingredients
Oats , Corn ,Ragi , Rice and Wheat with zero transfat .

Other ingredients are wheat bran , edible vegetable oil and fat , sugar ,milk solid , salt , honey .
These are elongated elliptical shaped biscuits and could be a good alternative snacks for hunger pangs during afternoon and evening .

Priced Rs 18/- per 100gram pack

Other products under Nutrichoice brand are
Digestive high fibre ,Cream Cracker with low sugar and Sugar Out litetime

It has a plastic tray with two pockets which keep these biscuit in place .

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