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Nigeria would have biscuits from new Beloxxi factory

Beloxxi Industries Ltd is all set to produce Nigeria's popular brands -Beloxxi Cream Crackers and Fine Tea biscuits.The plant would have two biscuit lines designed and erected by world famous Anglo/Italian company Imaforni. Along with technopack and Bn B silos they have completed the plant and production is all set to be commenced from end of this month .

Beloxxi started manufacturing biscuit three years ago and became popular in very short span where demand out striped supply .Hence requirement for larger plant at Agbara Industrial estate.
Federal government has put a ban on Imported biscuits hence to get a bigger plant become a national priority said Beloxxi CEO Obi Ezeude .
Beloxxi Industries Ltd biscuit plant at Agbara would be the most modern, automated and integrated biscuits factory in sub-Sahara Africa with the arrival of its load of machines”, with a firm promise to commence commercial production at the end of September. The company chief noted that with the new lines fully in operation, the firm targets an output of 150,000 cartons of biscuits per day, and with the tempo sustained, it looks forward to manufacturing for exports in the next two years. He said such step would be the beginning of a long dream of placing a Nigerian-owned factory as major multinational player in the biscuits sector in Africa with top quality world class cream crackers, digestives and confectioneries. It would also provide jobs to the local population .


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