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Basic Facts about rotary moulder and cutter - biscuit production equipments

Moulders and cutters are the basic equipments for any biscuit production line . Biscuit plant capacities are  designed with respect to moulder/cutter design .Forming section  or process are the technical name given to the area in which moulder/cutter operates .

Moulders :  These are cylindrical shaped equipments which have dies/cups  holding dough and which imports its design on the dough . These when pressed with pressure roller form the  biscuit shape and size .These are meant for Short Dough  type biscuits /cookies.Its hollow cylindrical pieces with tie rods and shaft.Hardness of  the pressure roller need to checked regularly  and should be  between 70-85 shores

Cutter : These are cylindrical  shaped equipment which  cut laminated sheets of dough in various shape and size of biscuits . Cutter roller has  got cups /dies  which are mounted on the surface of the cylinder .Different shape  and size are  available   for biscuit  production but for optimisation the circular shape is most popular shape of  biscuits.Its hollow cylindrical pieces with tie rods and shaft.Mainly used for  cutting variety ( laminates of dough)  or Hard Dough .

Size : Depending upon plant capacities, baking time  the moulder/cutter are designed . Normally the size is categorised in Diameters the most used diameter are  10"  and 12".

Basic Output of Moulders/Cutter s are calculated as =  Number of rows x Numbers of column s x RPM

Types of Moulder/Cutters -

One piece rollers
moulding roller  , cutter , cutter , moulding , cutter
Ring type

Metallic rings
FG Plastic rings
Engraved Cutter s

To protect these cutters/moulders in biscuit production line its highly recommended to place  metal detector before dough comes in contact with them .

Weight variations in biscuits  originates from the cutters/moulders   the minor variances in weights can be sorted  out by adjustments in pressure roller/moulders/knife combination.

Major variation in biscuit weights can be sorted out by  skinning of moulders/cutters .

Change over of moulders /Cutters  are major activity in any biscuit production line  following methods are used to reduce the change over time from one variety to another

Chain Hoist Motorised or Manual
Hydraulic Lifter
Movable Unit- Complete Unit
Precaution is required while dismantling and installing these molders/cutters as any accidents can damage the cups/dies of the moulders/cutters.Normally these are wrapped in protective sheets .

Maintenance team has to keep the major load  bearings at the ends  in good condition for  better performance of these moulders and cutters .

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