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How to control dough temperature during bread/biscuit manufacturing process

Temperature plays a vital role in dough consistency which in turn impact the quality of bread or biscuit . Bakers have to maintain the dough temperature after mixing for better results after baking . Ambient temperature varies as per the season s a expert bakers has to arrange various method to maintain dough temperature . Average temperature maintained could be different in different locations .However temperature ranging from 28 –32 deg c provides better results at this part of the world .

Following factors effects dough temperature

  • Mixing duration

  • Water temperature

  • Ingredients temperature

Jacketed Mixers

All Mixers Manufacturers have Mixers with jackets around the mixer body . Operators can feed this jackets with cold or hot water as per requirement . Cold water is circulated through chilling plants .Hot water generally circulated by boilers or hot water generators .

Ingredient Temperature

Dough temperatures get impacted by ingredients temperatures.Ingredients with low temperature can be fed into mixers to maintain dough temperatures . Areas where ambient temperature reached 45 – 40 deg c its important to store this ingredients in cold storages or air conditioned places.

Ice Addition

Some places Ice is added manually to maintain dough temperatures or for certain varieties like choco chips ice is added to maintain the dough temperatures so as chips does not starts melting during the process.

Other methods used in most advanced bakeries are

  • CO2 Injection in mixing bowl

  • Flour cooling

  • Breaker bars and Agitator in mixers

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