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Bio degradable packaging for food products - search for new product

 Bio  degradable packaging , Bio degradable  packaging

Packaging  has become the major environmental hazards as people buy more packaged food  and manufacturers coming up with more packaged food products , its for the packaging industry to come up with feasible bio degradable  material so as to reduce the environmental impact of packaging .Any research or development  for Eco - friendly  packaging are welcome and should be popularised  by the food manufacturers .

New food packaging is being developed that is made of a sugar-based polymer, which means it could be composted at home along with organic waste.

The degradable polymer is made from sugars known as lignocellulosic biomass, which come from non-food crops such as fast-growing trees and grasses, or renewable biomass from agricultural or food waste.

This compares to current bio-renewable plastics which tend to use crops such as corn or sugar beet, adding pressure to supply. In additions around 7% of worldwide oil and gas resources are consumed in plastics manufacture.

The search for greener plastics, especially for single use items such as food packaging, is spurred by environmental concerns, as well as economic and supply reasons, according to by Dr Charlotte Williams, who is leading the team or researchers at Imperial College London.

Dr Williams said: “Our key breakthrough was in finding a way of using a non-food crop to form a polymer, as there are ethical issues around using food sources in this way.”

It comes at a time when many UK grocery retailers and manufacturers have pledged to cut waste to landfill and improve their environmental credentials.

The oxygen-rich sugars in the new polymer allow it to absorb water and degrade to harmless products – meaning it can be tossed on the home compost heap and used to feed the garden.

And because the new polymer can be made from cheap materials or waste products it also stacks up economically compared to petrochemical-based plastics.

The polymer has a wide variety of potential uses, not just food and it could be in use within two to five years

Author:Sarah  Hills London
Source : FoodBizDaily.com

Sustainable Packaging Coalition ( SPC ) - A step in green packaging

Food Packaging including bakery product packaging contribute significantly towards plastic packaging waste . Plastic Packaging are big environment hazard.Public opinion and government pressure has resulted that companies have started looking for Eco friendly packaging solution .

Few companies have joined hands and formed a Sustainable Packaging coalition . As per them
"The Sustainable Packaging Coalition envisions a world where all packaging is sourced responsibly, designed to be effective and safe throughout its life cycle, meet market criteria for performance and cost, is made entirely using renewable energy and, once used, is recycled efficiently to provide a valuable resource for subsequent generations. In summary: a true cradle-to-cradle system for all packaging,”

It would ensure that what ever packaging material would be accepted it would be Eco friendly as well would be economically viable for business.

Some of the major food companies who have joined SPC are
Kellogg s
Coca -Cola
Sara Lee


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