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Monginis Foods To Enter Health Food Segment

Monginis Foods, the pastry, cake and general bakery chain owned by the Khora­kiwala family, is all set to fo­ray into the health food segment.

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“People are becoming he­alth conscious and we are exploring new pr­oducts, which address hea­lth conc­erns. As sta­rters, we are looking at low-fat, high-fibre cookies and low-calorie rea­dy-to-eat ite­ms,” Virendra Ghole, mark­eting manager, Monginis, said. The popular cake-pastr­y-savouries brand is also ge­aring up to offer new services like online ca­ke gifting. “We have laun­c­hed our e-commerce portal, http://www.monginis.net/, to ena­ble the gif­ting of cakes. We will beef up activities on this front,” Ghole said.

With celebration cakes contributing nearly 50 per cent of overall sales of Mon­ginis (the rest is attributable to pastries, savouries, cookies, chocolates, bakerwares like toast, khari, etc.), the company is also focusing on corporate clients. “We are planning to target companies in a big way. There is a need for a reliable supplier who can cater to their gifting needs,” he said.

Monginis, which has 500 franchise outlets in 37 cit­ies, served by 14 manu­facturing facilities ac­ross the country, is also present in Egypt through 45 exclusive shops. The Monginis brand in Egypt is wholly ow­ned by the Khorakiwala family. At present the Khorakiwalas do not have any plans to move to any other country.


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